Blogging 101 and Photo 101 Start November 3

New Blogging U. classes begin on Monday, and we’d love to see you there!

Note: if you register via this post, you’ll receive your welcome email and Commons access by Monday at noon.

The next Blogging U. class starts in just a few days! Photography 101 and Blogging 101, both four-week introductory courses, kick off on Monday, November 3rd. But don’t worry if you haven’t registered yet — there’s still time!

Photography 101 is a photo-a-day challenge combining a daily photo theme with shooting and photo editing tips on composition, lighting, cropping, and more. You’ll publish new posts, make new friends, and hone your photographer’s eye. It’s also a great way for photobloggers to participate in NaBloPoMo this November. Charge your camera batteries and get ready to shoot!

For three years, I’ve tried to start a blog. Before Blogging 101, I never built enough momentum. Now, thanks to the accountability of regular assignments – and thanks to receiving such wonderful, encouraging feedback – I’ve reached the critical mass I needed.
Practicing My (Gray)Scales

Blogging 101 is a month of bite-size blogging assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” Assignments help you publish posts, customize your blog, and engage with the community. You’ll walk away with published posts and a handful of drafts, a theme that reflects your personality, a small (but growing!) audience, a grasp of blogging etiquette — and a bunch of new friends.

If you’ve never tried a Blogging U. course before, here’s how it works:

  • We’ll post a new assignment for each course here on The Daily Post each weekday at 12AM GMT. Weekends are off, but we’ll provide suggestions for ways to take the week’s tips further.
  • Assignments are filled with our best advice and favorite resources, but you’re encouraged to interpret them however makes sense for your blogging or photography.
  • Comments on assignment posts will be closed, but participants will have a private community site, the Commons, for chatting, connecting, and seeking feedback and support. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will be on hand to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.

To sign up for Blogging 101 or Photo 101, fill out this quick form and indicate which challenge you’re interested in. (You’re free to participate in both, but we recommend one at a time — both challenges will be offered again.)

We’re excited to see you on Monday!

Please note that you will not receive an automated confirmation, but you will get a welcome email with more detail before the challenges begin. 

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  1. I’d love to sign up for the Blogging 101 as well, but the survey wasn’t working correctly for me either. Can you send a new link?

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    1. Click on the ‘View Original’ hyperlink and it will take you to the original post and the form. The survey is not the form 🙂

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  2. Will put both Blogging 101 and Photography 101 on my list for 2015. Sounds like a lot of fun!!
    Finishing a rhetorical composing class this month or I would start on Monday.