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  1. Hi! I could use some feedback on whether I’ve chosen the most effective theme in WP for my blog – I recently had someone create a custom header for me and I’m not sure if its the change to a hand drawn watercolor from a picture that’s not sitting right or that the picture isn’t good for the theme I’m in. Perhaps is just the change.


  2. Hi im a newbie ! i am still kinda lost lol i wrote my first post . I was wondering how do i share people the blog is it my URL? I see that if i post that they can get into my account ;/ help please . thank you


  3. – I’ve just begun my blog and I would love for some feedback and constructive criticism, followers and others for me to follow, to really help get me up and running into the world of blogging! Any sort of help would be greatly appreciate, thanks guys!

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    1. Hey Marcie! I really like how positive your blog is! I wish I could tell you how to get new followers but I too am new to the blogging world. But hey you got me! If you could please stop by my blog and give me any feedback I would greatly appreciate it! Different eyes always help.


  4. Hello everyone! I recently joined like a lot of people here and I would love some feedback on my blog and how to gain followers…I’m not sure how to classify my blog because like me it’s kinda everywhere…any and all constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed.


    1. I personally think that it’s fine how it is. The line breaks are useful for dividing between the two different things, and the way you start off the mini-paragraphs makes it seem like a poem.


    1. Hi! I like that you appear to have the world in the background. Very cool. 🙂 One suggestion would be to make your font a little bigger, at least in your posts. I found myself squinting at times.

      You may have answered this in your blog, but I didn’t see it: What are you doing in Ecuador? Missions trip? Studying abroad?


  5. Hey guys! I’ve been blogging for about 2 months now. Would love some feedback on my blog, just overall. 🙂 I shall look at your blog too!

    Thanks so much! 😀


  6. My brother and I are trying something a little different – call it a blog experiment – and we’d love to get your feedback. We’re writing a blog where the two of us have back and forth postings, so our readers follow a dialogue. One of our big questions is: do you think it works better to (a) read one of our back-and-forth posts by seeing it unfold over several days or (b) see the whole conversation “all at once” if we post it when the conversation is done? Our first entry is here:


  7. I’m trying to find the time to do more with my blog… started blogging 101 after months of some time off to think (okay, let’s face it – I took the summer off to read books with a glass of wine on my back porch most nights. I just have to get out of that very comfortable habit). If you get a chance to look at and let me know what you think, I’d appreciate it!

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