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  1. Hey everyone, I know it says not to post the same thing twice, but as there are close to 400 comments at this time, I can’t possibly read through them all. I have two tiny-little questions. The first being: how can i put a buttons that link to my instagram and flickr onto the home page of my blog?
    The second is, my tagline isn’t showing up underneath my Title, does anyone have any ideas as to why that might be? I’m super new to the world of blogging, and will really appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank you so much!


    P.S. not sure if you need it, but my url is


    1. Hi Kirsten!

      The reason your tagline isn’t showing is because your theme, Spun, doesn’t display taglines (though you should be able to change that with Custom CSS, which is part of the Custom Design upgrade). The simplest solution, though, would be to switch to a different theme — most of them do, in fact, let you display your tagline.

      As for social buttons on your homepage, here’s our guide to adding them:

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  2. Hey everyone. I am super excited to share the Intro to my new series for the Taboo Topics section on my blog [powerful stories on those rarely spoken about things like losing a child, infertility, singleness and more] which is looking at People living with Disability, more from just a sense of wanting to share this series with all of you as the stories i have in so far are so powerful and also to invite any of you who might be up to sharing your story or knowing someone with a story to share:

    Come and feel the love
    brett fish

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    1. I absolutely LOVE your Taboo Topics section. I am a huge believer that there is no topic that cannot be discussed, so this is great. People here at work hate it even when I want to discuss politics and or religion. They use that “Taboo” word. We should all feel the liberty to express both our opinions and experiences. It would be great to have others chime in. You never know what we can learn from each other. Looking forward to browsing further into your blog.


      1. Thank you so much for stopping by and yes wholeheartedly as so often there are many people struggling with the same thing and everyone is too scared to talk about it. So really great that people feel free to share their stories here.


    1. Well, if a person doesn’t want to comment, they won’t. If we don’t think we can contribute anything more than what the “Like” button can do, we probably won’t comment. Just a tip.


    1. It sounds like it will be relatable. There’s not a whole lot to go on right now, but so far you’ve got a good voice. Feel free to write longer posts. In your case, adding as much detail as possible will help your story/memories really come alive.

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  3. Hello fellow bloggers! I have just started blogging recently and posted a couple of Articles. Feel free to have a look. Feedback on my writing and overall blog would be immensely appreciated. Here’s a link to my blog


    1. I loved the visual and simplicity of your blog. I also posted a comment straight on to there. I mentioned how reading your posts I feel like I actually hear your thoughts. I like that you write as you think. Makes you relatable. The community pool here is a great way to build an audience. Also visiting other wordpress blogs and getting to know other bloggers will help with that as well. I also boost my blog via other social media venues. Even via other blogs not through wordpress. Wishing you all the best.


  4. Hello friends! I don’t even know where to begin to ask for help. I started my blog with the purpose of writing often about books, poetry, and my general struggles through life and faith. As my blog title suggests, though, I am prone to wander. I keep losing the words that I want to say and so neglect to actually write. Any suggestions would be greatly valued and appreciated!


    1. Just read your blog! I love it! Couldn’t get to the follow button fast enough 🙂 I know I’m supposed to say suggestions but I don’t have any. Lol

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  5. I’d love some constructive criticism on my blog. I feel pretty good in my research, but I want to make sure I’m not too wordy. I’m probably a little picture heavy but I do write about fashion… Any advice on being able to gain followers and readers would be greatly appreciated. Expanding my audience is definitely something I could use help with. Thanks!!


  6. Good morning!!

    If anyone is up and free would love for some feedback on my new blog “Chicken and waffles” post or the about me section. If I’m including enough information. to interest people to go to the location?


  7. Hi Guys.This is Ess.I wanted to chronicle my days before my surgery hence my blog baby was born . So Happy Birthday to my Blog!
    It would be great to hear your thoughts.GodBless.


  8. Soooo I’m ALL the way new to blogging. I don’t know how to navigate my website or anything 😔. I really love fashion so my boyfriend suggested blogging about it. Good idea but I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Can anyone help a sister out???


    1. We regularly run Blogging 101 courses to help get oriented and comfortable with your new blog. The current course is no longer accepting new signups, but if you’d like, you could still read the related assignments here:

      We will offer Blogging 101 again in coming weeks, so if you’d like to participate more actively, follow The Daily Post for announcements.

      Good luck with your new blog!


    1. Couple suggestions:
      1) Add visuals (photos or an infographic created by you). Adding visuals draws readers in and it is easier to grab attention from others on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest).
      2) Talk to students around you. What are their opinions on the things you write about? How does what you have to say relate to those around you or even those at other universities? Plus people love seeing their name or photo published somewhere.

      Hope this helps.



      1. Thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps this will be a chance to learn to take good photographs. I don’t tell real life people about my blog so I suppose the endgame of the second suggestion isn’t really relevant, but I will use it nonetheless for my posts to be less about personal opinion.