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  1. Hi there!

    New to wordpress.. and i’ve just made my second post!

    Check it out –

    Its based on the current Israel vs Palestine conflict –

    I would love any feedback, or different perspectives!

    Thanks 🙂


  2. hello Ben – WordPress,

    I have been getting community pool email notifications till 4th May 2014. But after that I am not getting any email notifications for community pool.

    I am also doubtful if i get notifications in my readers section after that. Other bloggers may check and confirm.

    I suspect it may be regression of community pool comments format/layout change.



    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I wonder — do you receive other Daily Post emails (like posts, daily prompts, etc.) as usual?


      1. Yes, I have not been getting mails from The Daily Post, further I found i get mails from The Daily Post if someone liked my comment on the community pool.


      2. It’s strange, because the Community Pool is a completely normal post; nothing distinguishes it, technically speaking, from all the other posts we publish regularly.

        I wonder if you could try this: unfollow The Daily Post, then re-subscribe to it. I’m curious to see if it might iron out whatever kink is causing this.


      3. i hv done unfollow and follow, scroll in readers section; finds The daily post for – Build Your Own – weekly challenge, but don’t find Daily Prompt – Why, Thank You?
        Will wait for Community Pool post update till 31st..


      4. hi Ben,
        With your suggestion to unfollow and follow method, it is resolved now, i have got the daily prompt email notification and also appears in readers section.
        thanks a lot, it is really of help.


  3. While you’re looking at and commenting on my blog/site – you might just learn something! 🙂

    Please have a look –

    I’m looking for feedback on the layout/design/content – and maybe suggestions on a trivia quiz of sorts? Anyone know of a worthwhile plugin to make this happen?

    Thank you in advance!

    Fun Master @ Trivia SA

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    1. If you’d like to add tags to your post, just add whichever ones you’d like in the Tags module to the right of the main editing space. You can also add some after you’ve published a post — just return to the editing screen and the Tags module will still be there. Here’s more info:


    1. Hi Noah – is your blog for football fans who’ve missed a game? I’d be especially pleased to read it if I were living abroad or working when a match was played, or something like that. Or if I wanted to think back over a game – like those post match phone ins on Radio 5.

      I like your mix of photos and text and the way you’ve designed your page. You obviously love football and your knowledge shines through.

      All good luck with your blog.


  4. Hi, I need some assistance – for my last but one blog I cut and pasted from Word and upon publishing it has a different font to the rest of my entries. I’m trying to see how I can change it back so that runs with the theme of all my other blogs. Any ideas?? Thank you for any advice!


    1. When you edit your post, you’ll see, in your toolbar, a button with a T symbol on it. Click it and you’ll enter plain text mode — meaning that when you paste text from elsewhere all formatting will be stripped off. This will make all text look the same (unless, of course, you add different formatting in the editor itself).
      I hope this helps!


    1. I think the about page was good, and anyone interested in dreams I think would be pulled in, especially the bits specifically about you, it conjures up the feeling that you can at least explain what is happening in peoples dreams.

      I think the theme is nice, it seems to fit and the banner picture is very good, although I did find the theme a little narrow, but then I am viewing on a wide screen monitor so that is a small thing.

      AS for length of posts, I am not sure, sometimes when I am in a rush I like to glance and browse short posts, other times I like to read longer posts, I think 500 words or less is a nice length of post (personally)

      Oh, and I very rarely remember my dreams, they dissipate very quickly after waking.

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      1. Thank you, Moi! That’s helpful feedback.
        As for your dreams … try to stay quiet in bed for a few minutes before you open your eyes, and see if you can reflect on your dreams. Write down *anything* you remember, even a feeling or a fleeting image. After a few days of this you should see your recall improve. Dream well!

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      2. Thanks I’ll give that a try… I sleep quite badly in the first place really which probably doesn’t help. I’ll let you know 🙂


    2. Hi – I enjoyed reading your responses to questions and I thought the questions themselves were interesting. So your Q&A format worked for me! It seemed very well designed.

      Your responses: yes, they’re bountiful. I enjoyed that because your words flowed, you didn’t repeat yourself and you always spoke to the question – it wasn’t an excuse for a disjointed ramble. If there’s a lot to say, then it’s worth saying it.

      Good luck with your blog and with your work.


  5. I just started a blog and there’s really no theme or format I’m sticking to. I just started it as a place to practice writing. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!


    1. Hi, just read your blog! It’s seriously great. I especially appreciated your post on depression. Definitely learned something. Thank you!


  6. Hello everyone!

    As co-editor of The Geek Anthropologist I am always trying to improve our blog so that readers may find it easy to read and interesting. I want to make sure that as they scroll down on our home page, they can find things of interest that will make them explore the rest of the site and possibly follow us.

    I our home page inviting? As you look at it, can you navigate easily in the website, find what you are looking for, or see topics that interest you? Can you see clearly what our blog is about and what we do there?

    Thanks for lending a blogger helping hand!!!


    1. I like your blog. I think it is interesting. I followed it. If you wanted to ensure that readers made it to the bottom, you could try using a different theme. I am using the puzzle theme and it uses images for your most recent posts. Your posts have great imagery. This would bring the bottom of your page all into one view.


  7. Hi All, I just started this blog as a center piece to telling the 20 year tale of a no hit wonder band. The overall blog itself has a way to go. We are currently re-releasing about 7 albums on iTunes and gearing up for a new album. I am looking for feed back on the first post “Hold Up the Show”. I prefer the comments to be posted here instead of on my blog.


  8. Yes, my blog is new and I would love some feedback! Please check it out (a writing and book review blog, with tips, thoughts, and author interviews):


  9. Hi Everyone,

    I just began to blog so this is a new experience. I have written 2 posts, which focus on the subject of narcissism and codependency. I write from a woman’s viewpoint with the intention of empowering women to take responsibility for their relationships by identifying the part they played in it, and healing the fragmented parts of themselves. Too many posts about narcissistic relationships put the entire focus on the N. and fail to acknowledge that if you were with an N., you’ve got your own issues to deal with, and heal!

    I would love your feedback, as well as followers who want to grow, heal, and move on with grace.

    Thank you!
    Sally Marie Amore


    1. Hey Colby,

      Welcome to blogging, glad you are on-board!

      What I’ve noticed is you include a summary (in a statement or paragraph) of the rest of your blog post. A plus for me! 🙂

      If there was one area that jumped out at me, it was this entry:

      (it could do with splitting into 3-4 separate paragraphs.)

      In general…my feedback is: “a blog worth following”

      Looking forward to your future entries!

      – Leigh


    1. I like the jump back in time from the present where your hero is going to be killed, back to his upbringing and training. I think there could be more detail actually in his upbringing before he starts his training, maybe you have been conscious that you don’t wanna make it boring and so you have made it move quite fast, but I could stand some more detail here. If you’re into lyrics / poems or you have any followers that are, I have just done a new post on life



      1. Wow, your lyrics are quite powerful and lovely! I’m into poetry myself, and I like this piece. I would love to read more of your poems 🙂
        And thanks for all that helpful advice on my post too!


      2. Oh, by the way, I’ve tried putting a bit more on Karna, in an effort to add something about his upbringing. Does it work???


    2. I like it 🙂 especially the glints of self-depreciating humour which lift it and prevent it from becoming too dark, whilst at the same time introducing depth to your character with an appealing facet of his nature.

      And I love the idea of being born wearing armour and earings 🙂

      The only one thing I would lose, is a personal irritant of mine so may not bother others, it is the use of the phrase ‘you people’.
      Hope I’ve been helpful; all the best with your writings 🙂


  10. I’m new to WordPress and would like input on my site, stories or “musical bits.” Jeez, that’s a lot to ask for! Honesty appreciated. (Regardless of how scathing! Yikes!)


  11. Hi, i’m Laura… i just recently started my blog. I wanted to start putting up chapters of the book i’m writing, but i wanted some feedback on my snippet of chapter 5: Take a look. Don’t hold back on the comments, i am open to criticism.


    1. Hi 🙂 the first thing I notice is the title, which immediately removes any thoughts of ‘depressing and don’t want to read’; the title gives an excellent explanation 🙂

      The second thing I noticed, was that which almost all of us have to be shown how to avoid; in blogging we have to use far shorter paragraphs than we would if we were engaged in other forms of writing. Long blocks of words become difficult to read and concentrate upon, when we view via a computer; so people are less likely to want to read all of a post 🙂

      The first line is great; and I think would give full impact to what you’re saying here, if you surrounded it with space, maybe two blank lines above and below it would give the reader a pause to explore the feeling of loneliness being interesting.

      I would repeat that double space again with the first line of what is the second paragraph ‘I have never really felt, here’; repeating the space ask the reader again to stop and feel it themselves; also re-
      enforces and ties together the previous pausing to feel.

      Hope I was helpful; all the best with your writings 🙂

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  12. Hi guys! I’m new to WordPress and just started my blog a week ago. I spent majority of my time customizing my blog. I really love the theme and would want to explore it more but kinda still getting there. If you know what I mean.. 🙂

    If you have time, I would be very thankful for any feedback and impression you would have for my blog I would want to put a gallery of pictures and videos on it soon but don’t know how yet.

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    1. Hello!
      I visited your blog, and I must tell you it is indeed very innovative. Your writing style is beautiful – very simple yet intriguing. I think it has the personal touch which makes it stand apart. Your content is fun and interesting. Great job! 

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      1. Oh my … so many blogs…wonderful ones! I’m getting through them now and over the weekend. Thank goodness for bookmarks!

        Thank you for this opportunity. My most recent blog is I hope some of you get a chance to visit. Any suggestions are open w/welcome arms!

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