Five Posts to Write Right Now

Having a hard time finding a topic for your next post? Give one of these ideas a try.

Image by Michael Ruiz (CC BY 2.0)

Whether you’ve been blogging for a decade or for a week, sometimes it can feel like inspiration has taken a day off. Next time that happens, give these post ideas a try.

1. The quote-first post.

It’s sometimes easier to put your own thoughts into words when someone else’s words are already there on the screen. Have you come across a powerful quote in the news, or read a great opening sentence in a novel? Is there a line in a song you’ve recently heard that you keep thinking about?

Start a post by quoting it. The quote can be as simple as a line of dialog from Game of Thrones, or as thought-provoking as a short passage form Plato in this fascinating essay on crime and free will. You could write about how the quote affects you, why you think it’s interesting, or how it relates to something you’d written about before. Or just use it to set the tone and take the post in a different direction.

2. How to do X.

We all possess knowledge that others don’t. Why not share your homemade gummy bears recipe, your favorite Portuguese word, or your secret trick to memorizing poetry?

Giving instructions and keeping things concrete will help you to get writing quickly. At the same time, the stuff you teach can also be a vehicle for storytelling — from the kooky uncle who taught you how to play bridge to the trip to Burning Man where you learned how to ride a unicycle.

3. Share a song.

It might sound clichéd, but music really is a great conversation starter. Is there a new song you can’t get out of your head? Have you just listened to a song you used to love and are having a nostalgia-filled moment? Write about it!

Embedding a YouTube video of any song into your post is a breeze. Once it’s there, tell us a story about it — why do you like it? What memories does it bring up? Is there a line or a moment in the song that you find especially powerful?

4. The an epiphany post.

Everyone loves a good epiphany. Write a post about a moment that made you change your mind, realize you’ve been wrong about something, or helped you find a solution to a problem.

Writer Janine Canty recently shared a devastatingly beautiful post about her decision to leave an abusive marriage. But you could write about things both big and small — from the conversation that made you decide to become vegan or quit smoking, to the day you knew you were going to major in microbiology. Readers care less about the details (though those help, of course), and more about the transformation and the path that led you to it.

5. The story of your name.

Whether you’re Rebecca Jones or Atticus Lucifer von Stolzing IV, your name has a story, and it’s never a boring one. Share it with your readers!

Do you blog anonymously? Tell the story behind your pet’s name, your car’s name, or your blog’s name. Or tell us how you would’ve liked to be named, had you had the choice (or decided to change your given name).

Still in need of more ideas? Check out these earlier installments in the Five Posts to Write Right Now series.

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  1. I have a ramble page. I just sit down and start writing, sometimes it even seems incoherent… Sort of a glossolalia on paper… Thanks for the tips! There are a few days where things like financial concerns and such obfuscate the creative freedom and flow! Some of those rambles are precisely what I need to get a jump-start, I’ll have a decent paragraph and build on it from there> Respectfully…

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  2. The quote post is always my favorite, It’s always enjoyable reading other’s posts and sharing my own quotes gives me an insight into other’s opinions on it 🙂

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  3. Good ideas. I never thought of blogging about my name but could. It would be a short post. Those of us who have a name or names in 2 languages, could spin a story, based on identity and family roots.

    I love the epiphany idea.

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  4. Thank you so much for this!! I am really new to the blogging arcade of dreams, but I really want to be a paid blogger someday. These ideas truly helped spark some writing ideas and I look forward to more, if they are available.

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  5. Great topic ideas! I always find myself struggling for topic ideas every few weeks mostly because I want to be able to spin the topic in to my own brand of sassy lingo and that is hard sometimes but there can never be enough suggestion of ideas so thank you for these!

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  6. Great ideas for this new blogger! I look forward to putting them into practice. I just did a post on lessons I’ve learned from 2 dads that are in my life; really, all of my posts so far relay some time of lesson life has taught me, especially in conjunction with my anxiety disorder. I figure, life is hard– bloggers should take the opportunity to share life lessons with each other! 🙂

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  7. The Quote first post:
    Sounds interesting. A line has been reverberating in my mind ever since I heard it.It was a simple saying really that every time you loose a parent, you receive a god in return, like a kinda Guardian Angel! And this got me thinking that perhaps the metaphor is that we grow up when we loose our mum or dad.Act fot responsible. We also become more judgemental and critical. So perhaps there is a bit of a god or godliness inside each one of you. What do you guys think? ??

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