Perennial Favorites: Choosing the Perfect Blog Name

As a blogger, few decisions will be more important than finding the right name for your site.

In this post, first appearing on The Daily Post in 2012, two bloggers walked us through the ins and outs of successfully choosing a blog name to suit your content. Their insight on the naming process is as spot-on today is it was two years ago.

We discover different types of blogs in our community, from travel to food to parenting, with memorable and clever names. You may notice that a number of blogs on have unique web addresses, or custom domains: instead of, their address is Bloggers get custom domains for different reasons, but ultimately, it’s a great way to build and solidify your presence across the Internet. You can register a new domain through; you can also use a domain you already own with your site, which is called domain mapping.

A crucial step before purchasing a custom domain is deciding on the right name for your blog. Since selecting a name that best reflects your content is so important, we wanted to share insights from two writers on — Sarah and “C.J.’s Mom” — on how they ended up with names they were happy with.

Where’s My Toothbrush?

Sarah, a world traveler who has left toothbrushes in many countries, documents her adventures at Where’s My Toothbrush? We love how her blog name not only complements her writing style and reveals her personality, but personifies a toothbrush!

How did your blog name come about?

I was staying in a hostel in Beijing, China, and the walls were covered with graffiti. One quotation struck me:

I continue to collect things for an apartment I don’t have, while my toothbrush rests in bathroom cupboards on three different continents.

It got to me: Something about these societal obligations to have certain things, or the assumption that at a certain age one must have a fixed address. Plus, I forget my toothbrush everywhere. I remember claiming at the hostel bar, “One day, I’m going to start a blog named after that.”

When I left China, I did.

Do you use this name on other sites or for other purposes?

To some degree, yes. I use the Twitter handle @wheresmytbrush and the name “Sarah’s Toothbrush.” When I comment on other blogs, I use this “name.” It makes things consistent within the blogging community to the point that other travel bloggers probably roll their eyes and say something like, “Oh right, that toothbrush lady . . .”

After blogging for a while, are you still happy with your blog name? How has it proved successful (or not)?

I am still completely happy with my blog’s name. It’s clever, honest, and forgetful — kind of like the blog itself. My blog focuses on the last two-and-a-half years of almost constant travel; and oh man, the toothbrushes I’ve left behind.

It’s proved successful, as people smile when I talk about the title. It’s not so successful for those on search engines who are genuinely concerned about their toothbrush’s whereabouts.

Got advice for bloggers choosing a domain name?

I encourage bloggers to go with their gut, but also to think about the name logistically: Use it in a sentence. Reference it to friends. Write it without spaces to see how it would look as an email address, on Twitter, etc. Your blog’s name will be the first things readers will see. You want to attract them with originality but not mislead them with the content.

Raising My Rainbow

“C.J.’s Mom” is the writer behind Raising My Rainbow, a blog about raising C.J., a gender-nonconforming five-year-old. The name fits the content and the colorful, carefree design. The alliteration in the name (the repetition of the letter R) is also effective and makes it easy to recall.

How did your domain name come about? If you had alternatives, why did you choose this one?

I liked the word rainbow because of its association with the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) community and because the image is cheery, happy, and hopeful — just like my son. I initially wanted to name my blog Raising A Rainbow, but the domain name was taken. I settled on Raising My Rainbow, which I didn’t like as much, but now I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.

Do you use this name on other sites or for other purposes?

Absolutely! That’s why it was so important to own the domain name, which feels like it gives some legitimacy to my blog, my writing, and me as a mom who hopes to make a difference. I use the blog name everywhere: my email address, all social media, business cards, as the name associated with my P.O. Box, and wherever and whenever I talk about being a blogger.

After blogging for a while, are you still happy with your blog name? How has it proved successful (or not)?

I love it. I’m glad things worked out the way they did and that the domain for my original blog name was taken. I think my blog name is catchy, easy to remember, and accurately reflects the content and tone of my blog. And, from what I hear, other people like it, too.

Got advice for bloggers choosing a domain name?

Before you make a move: research, research, research. Research and decide on a name that is unique. Then, check if the domain name is available. It is inexpensive to buy the domain name, and WordPress makes it easy to connect it to your WordPress-hosted blog.

Make sure your name is available across social media platforms you intend to use. I think the urge is to just jump right in, but if you aren’t strategic about it, you could pick a name, get going, and then not be able to use the name on Facebook or Twitter. Take the time to research . . . then pounce.

And, have fun!

Interested in learning more about choosing a domain name and purchasing the Custom Domain upgrade? Head on over to our blog to read Personalize Your Online Home with a Custom Domain.


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  1. Great post! I remember reading another one of your posts a while back and it really helped me. I was in the process of changing my blog name and then one day ‘Living with no excuses’ came to mind. I feel as though my blog name describes my journey perfectly. I have no regrets! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. I chose “I don’t want to exist” because it had a double meaning. On the surface it appears depressing but it is actually a blog about learning to live rather than purely exist. My web address is but the full blog title is “I don’t want to exist. I want to live”. That’s a bit more hopeful.
    I also wanted people who were feeling desperate and typed “I don’t want to exist” into a search engine to find my blog so they could be directed to resources that might be able to help them (helplines etc) and to see that even if things are really tough right now, they can improve.
    In some ways I don’t like my blog name because it does seem quite dark but it suits me and really summarises the focus of my blog.

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  3. I am still struggling to come up with a name for my blog. My blog is based around fashion, models and cool styles. Does anyone have any suggestions for good names for my blog???


  4. I chose “Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink” as a more professional name as I sought to consider writing as a career. My previous name – procrastin8or – wasn’t very professional and the name came from a comment I made on the previous About page how I’d not written in a long time and the process to make myself was a lot of “sweat, tears and digital ink” shed. I thought it sounded pretty cool so went with it!


  5. I started with backtowalking in the domain name – meaning getting back to walking as a form of exercise for older people. Unfortunately, backtowalking dot com was/is already taken. It still works as something easy for people to remember (when they remember the part) and properly descriptive.
    The ‘name’ on the blog is Walking in Sonoma County…mostly – that describes what I talk about. The ‘mostly’ covering taking the blog on vacation with me.
    I’m debating names for a more static website – on the level walking (I don’t do hills). It has a sense of terrain and honesty. Part of me wants a more fun sarcastic name. Choices, choices.


  6. Initially I called mine “Hurtling Towards 60” because I was heading fast to my 60th birthday but then I was hooked on blogging and after I hit 60 I changed it to “Hurtled to 60 and Now Beyond” – my domain name is I don’t know of another blog with a similar name, but then I could be wrong!


  7. I’m still happy with my blog name, Cycle Write –it’s perfect for what I want to share –cycling and more. Just spinnin’ out those blog experiences with photos!

    Cycle also is a timeless action and shape which can apply to many other facets in life.


  8. Signed up for my blog just about an hour ago, so it’s new and fresh 🙂
    MacPurrson … well, I have a Mac computer and a cat. It’s a gender neutral name, so I guess I’ll have to explain everywhere that I’m a Miss MacPurrson.


  9. I named my blog Unveiled Thought because I’m doing the whole Muslim/hijabi-chick-being-awesome thing. Y’know. Veiled v. Unveiled. Behind the veil. Uncovering what’s beneath it all. Stuff.

    I went through a zillion different potential names – wrote them all out, asked people what they thought. Unveiled Thought stuck and no one could change my mind about it.

    Anyway! I ended up registering the domain through WordPress and it was the best thing I could do for my blog. Highly recommend it! I love it!

    I can now tell people to visit

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  10. I specifically chose the name of my first blog because I used to be completely arse-out poor growing up. So poor we couldn’t even afford the rest of the word! I used girl because woman just sounds pathetic and shines because I do come up shining like the Son most days, but oddly not today a Sonday! I was hoping to share ideas of living on the cheap and to never give up because there is always a way. I don’t know if I have really shared the way I wanted to originally. That has to change now. I plan to be sharing my experiences in foreclosure and my experiences in finding another place to live. All this, unless I win the lotto, save my home and start another blog “Rich Bitch!”


  11. I just liked the fact that Syria is known as the sun in Arabic but in some ways wish I had chosen a name with history of Syria in the url link. Said I thought I’d chosen the wrong name to a friend and she was quite firm with me , as she said I hadn’t.
    The worrying thing is my link doesn’t work properly often so I am wary of plugging my blog to my friends, so only a few have it.


  12. I enjoyed this read. Creativity is the key. With the right kind of logical direction ofc.


  13. My blog name was a way of capturing the general theme of my blog, wanting to simplify (declutter/organise my life), create (total DIY addict) & inspire (help others by sharing my journey). I use the handle on some other social media but my existing SM nickname remains elsewhere.


  14. I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing again.

    After actively researching, throwing around, and pondering the feel of another name for quite awhile, my youngest—a 21 month old Irish Wolfhound—joined me on the couch and rested her head over my feet like she often does. I stopped, smiled, and enjoyed the moment as it is one of my favorite things. Then I knew that was my name—A Hound at My Feet. It just suites me. 🙂


  15. Me and a friend of mine started co-blogging and turned out to be double the fun. As for the blog name, e wanted it to be quirky. Because our blog mostly is about the small little escapes that everyone makes in their lives, whether it be through writing or going somewhere. So, we thought that for a blog which might be refreshing to read, it needed a name which was quirky and relaxing. So we stumbled upon The White Vespa. Since, it’s a symbol of travel, a symbol of running away. Hence, it gives away our ideas and thoughts. 😀

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  16. I didn’t put a lot of thought or research into the uniqueness of my blog name(s). I just knew that I didn’t want it to be one more variation on ‘John Doe’s Blog’ because I wanted the freedom to create as many different, themed blogs as I could dream up. But it turns out that the names have been useful and available, and I have no regrets. So I have The Fly, and also The Seeker (I explain what they mean in my ‘about’ pages). Maybe more someday.