There’s Still Time to Join Writing 101!

Our Writing 101 challenge kicks off on Monday — have you registered yet?

The next Blogging U. challenge, Writing 101, kicks off Monday — so if you’ve been thinking about registering, you’ve still got a few more days to hop off the fence and sign on!

Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit is a write-every-day challenge designed to help you create a writing habit, publish posts that mesh with your blog’s focus, and push you a bit as a writer. It’s also a great way to make new friends and find new favorite reads. All bloggers are welcome, whether you use, are self-hosted, or use another platform entirely.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll post a new writing assignment just for Writing 101 each weekday in June on The Daily Post. Assignments will publish at 10:00 AM EST (14:00 PM GMT). You can follow The Daily Post to get assignment notifications.
  • There are no weekend assignments — you’re free to expand on a weekday post, write something unrelated, or (gasp!) spend some time away from your blog.
  • Each assignment includes a writing prompt and an optional “twist.” Prompts are your inspiration for the day, while twists push you to experiment and stretch your writing chops.
  • You can mix assignments up however you’d like. Respond to the prompt, and ignore the twist. Try the twist, but write on your own topic. Use both the prompt and the twist.  The only goal is to get you writing every weekday.
  • There’s no need to publish every day if you don’t want to — publish the posts you’re happiest with, and use the other days as private writing practice. How much you publish is up to you.

Participants will also have a private community site, the Commons, for chatting, connecting, and seeking feedback and support. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will be on hand  to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.

Interested? Fill out this quick form to register. You’ll receive an email on Monday with the above details, along with instructions on how to access the Commons and connect with other participants. Get ready to get writing!

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  1. Question related to April’s Blogging 201: can you point me in the right direction so I can delete “Blogging 201” from my blogs/dashboard? Access has been denied me but the link remains. Thanks!

    And BTW, thanks so much (if I didn’t say it already) for that challenge. I appreciate all your hard work 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on theredscorpio and commented:
    Beginning bloggers often start off great, but soon run into the problem of “What should I blog about??” . Blogging prompts are one way to combat the dreaded “white screen”. Interested? Then register!

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  3. I registered! Hopefully this will help me explore my own voice and find out what kind of writing blog I really want this to be. I know it’s called Poetic Brew but even prose can be poetic. Phantastes by George MacDonald is a good example of that.


  4. Ah, this post is more helpful than the last one. I registered already, but I was afraid we would have to post every day. Thanks for clearing that up =]


  5. Did I have to go through blogging 101? I’m new to blogging and missed all of that 😦


    1. Nope, all our challenges are open to anyone.

      We’ll have another round of Blogging 101 in September, and in the meantime, all the assignments are accessible via the Blogging U. link in the menu if you want to work through them yourself.

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    1. Hey this awesome can’t wait to read some of the other people who are registered. I’m still new on here . I’m 25 , half way over the hill, I love being creative , reveling to the unknown little things about my thought process others wouldn’t know just through simple conversation . Check out my blog. Let’s do this I’m ready for my prompt. Well see how it goes !

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