“The novel speaks to us quietly and stays with us”

Whether your read on paper or screen, the act of reading creates the same connection.

The Daily Post is taking a much-needed break for a few days, but we don’t want to leave you high and dry. We’ll  be sharing some of our favorite quotes about the creative life.

(And yes, Daily Prompts, the Writing/Photo Challenges, and Blogging 101 will continue through the week — we’re not very good at taking breaks.)

Read other writers’ takes on how changes in technology change our experiences of reading and writing at the New York Times.

Here’s author A.M. Homes on how the essentials of storytelling persist, whether we write and read on paper or on a screen:

But the fact of the novel, the intimacy of reading has not changed, be it in print or on e-readers. The act of reading is one to one, the connection between author and audience goes deeper than an avatar or invented other can defend. The novel speaks to us quietly and stays with us even as we sleep.

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