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      1. You just started TODAY…very nice!

        Your blog has got potential. Who doesn’t like music? I also went to You Tube. I grooved out with you. Your cover artist would be proud of you. I’d put both covers on your site. And how’s come you seem shy to look at your audience?? We can’t bite you, that’s for sure.

        I did follow you. I loved that you asked. Here’s hoping to see some Gallery pics. That’s gonna be a good page too…I can just feel it.

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    1. You’ve got a thing with youre english! It’s cool and I love it!
      I liked the Lonely Goose like hell! especially because it sort of resonated on the way I think about it.

      Also, would be cool if you checked my blog too! 😀


    2. Hiya…

      I visited today. I enjoyed your pages as well as your April blog post. Wonderful prose!!!

      May I suggest you update your pages at least once a month? I suspect it’s easy to forget, but your Randomness Page for instance could use a 2016 update.

      I carry a notepad, have pen and paper in my bedroom close, a pad in my car. I will write on anything before I allow myself to forget something that would either make a good blog post, or a Sparky Blip. Just a mention!

      Loved your Me, Myself, and I sidebar picture and composition.

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    3. i like it! it’s simple and easy on the eyes. i especially like ‘the randomness’ bit- that happens to me all of the time where i have an awesome idea in my head but it doesn’t really need a whole post to be expressed so i think it’s a great idea. i like how your ‘about me’ section stays on the side so it makes the reader’s experience a lot more personal in my opinion. keep writing girl- you’re doing amazing 🙂


    4. I really like your blog!!!!! I already follow you, I found really interest and deep the posts I read. I’m just starting with my blog, you can check it out if you want.


    5. Wow, I really love the theme/design you have for your blog. We are still trying to get off our feet with ours and yours is a great inspiration!! Thanks for sharing!


    6. Love your entries. Its so straight to the point and factual. Would love advices from you. Can you check out mine?


    1. I liked the layout, it was never easy to navigate and find something that interests me. The layout is very clean and easy on the eyes. Nice work!
      I would appreciate your thoughts on my blog as well, TIA

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  1. Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!
    I wanted to share with you my newest post. It’s about the struggles we face as bloggers and writers, and what mentality we need to overcome those struggles. Hopefully the post will speak to you!
    Here it is:
    Any constructive feedback is welcome! If there’s anything I can do to return the favor, let me know.
    Dominic (Aul)

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      1. Aw why thank you! I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for the encouragement.
        I checked out your blog too! I really like it! Your writing style is very conversational too, and it’s very personal (in a good way).
        Good luck to you as well! Have a good one!
        Dom (Aul)

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  2. Hey everyone, I’d love it if you could check out my site. I write movie opinions/reviews. Trying to upload a steady amount of content each week (which is flippin’ difficult!), but any and all feedback on the content/layout etc. is welcome.

    And of course, if you do happen to like it, feel free to share it around on social media. That would be cool.

    Thanks, Eddy

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    1. Hey man I really like the updates on the movies coming out soon! I had heard they were making some more avatar movies but for people who don’t follow that stuff it’s a cool bit of information.

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    2. Good stuff! I like your layout. Your theme suits. I like your images, which are complimented by your written material.

      I looked for Categories. I couldn’t find. It could be my eyes though. Plus, you may only have/need one category.

      However, just as I wrote the above, I wondered if you might break off once in a while and write about movie composition, music, lighting, editing, scenery, debate someone else’s review, interview movie goers, etc.

      Just a mention!


      1. Hey, thanks so much for checking out my site and for taking the time to leave such useful feedback. It’s really nice to hear you enjoyed it.

        I’ll definitely think about the suggestion to deconstruct more specific areas. Recently I’ve been trying to write more opinion pieces (like 80s Moments, Preferring Remakes and Jump Scare defence – which Mark Kermode tweeted!) and move away from just writing reviews, which are fun to do but gain considerably less traction.

        Anyway, thanks again. Eddy

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    1. I don’t know what it is about your writing but even though you were writing about something really casual, it was insanely beautiful and contemplative. I found myself relating to a lot of things you wrote about in terms of happiness and crowds. I’m really glad I stumbled upon your blog! I wish you good luck with it and I hope you have a lovely rest of the day!

      Basant She

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    1. Oh the new post is some crazy facts there. Definitely shook me a little but it was fun knowing all this happened.
      I don’t want to come across being pushy but can you please check my blog out maybe? I’d appreciate it if you did and gave me feedback.Thank you

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    2. So… is it my understanding that you’ve written most of the stories on your blog? The first page I read said there was an original post. I didn’t follow the link (lazy Sparky Jen), but is that your writing as well?

      If so, I’m VERY impressed. I like your shortie stories. Many held my attention. I was actually fascinated.

      I almost didn’t miss the occasional picture. That’s my highly visual side talking now.

      Clever effort. When does LIVE chat take place?

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      1. I don’t have any real set time for live chat (I might have a dedicated time eventually.) I generally respond if I am on my website and I see someone talking in live chat. I do write all of my posts. The older post I updated was actually one of my first few posts.

        Thanks for the response 🙂

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    1. Hey! I’m in high school right now and I hope to become a doctor! Your post was very insightful and it kinda very weirdly gave me some inspiration to work harder. The theme is pretty great and the beginning of the post was very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing! Great post!

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    2. I read a couple of your posts and fell in love with your work! I enjoy how you write about your reality. You don’t have to dig into your imagination and come up with this stuff. These things really happened to you! I am just amazed because it all seems like something I would find in a movie or binge watch on Netflix! You just have a very interesting life and know exactly how to write about it. I already commented on the posts I read, so if you want more feedback check them out! I look forward to more of your work!

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      1. Wow, thank you so much! I saw that you commented on some posts so I’ll definitely make sure to respond specifically to those as well. I’ll make my way over to your site too. Thanks again!

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    3. I’m a student trying to get into the field as well and your posts really have me prepared as to how and what I should expect things. your posts are great. Thank you so much for these.
      Maybe you can check my blog too? I’m in need of any sort of feedback to help build my blog and it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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      1. I visited your blog. The navigation threw me a bit though. No worries, I have the time to look around; specifically looked for your About Page.

        Oh! You have to click the thingy on the left side. Got it.

        I found your site to be chuckle-worthy at points, and super matter-of-fact, which I applaud. After all, I am Sparky Jen.

        It’s definitely written in your own voice. What I mean by that is you have put your personality into the text. If you ever have a Guest Blogger, specify they are not trying to do you. I say this because no one could possibly twin you, and that’s a good thing.

        Keep posting your thoughts. Your style has the potential to catch on.

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      2. I’m sorry about the rather vague layout I have. I sometimes check myself out (no shame in googling yourself, right?) and struggle to find what I’m looking for. I’ll definitely look into making it more easier.
        And thank you so much for your honest and wonderful feedback. I appreciate it more than you know, Sparky Jen. xD

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    1. It definitely helps. I used to write long (sometimes very long blogs) and someone on here pointed out that it is preferable to infinite scrolling. Even if my posts aren’t so long I put them in, but it can vary depending on the post length. I’d say your placement is perfect!

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    1. It made me laugh because I feel the same way haha! But to be honest, it was a little long. When you use more… How should I say it… Creative words rather than colloquial speech, long posts can be tiring. Personally, I would advise either writing a little less, or making your prose less purple. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Oh there’s more than scribbling going on over at your blog. I had a nice visit. The visuals are certainly of high standard, and the book you are working on sounds intriguing to me.

      I did stop and scan the writing methods post. It’s up to snuff. I visited Facebook, and took a gander at Amazon.

      You keep your visitors busy. We like that!!!


      1. Thanks I’m so glad that you stopped by! I’ll be sure to check out your site. I love getting inspiration from others and I love visiting other sites! See you soon.

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  3. Hello Everyone!

    Hope you are all doing great. I wrote a post recently and and wanted to get some feedback from the fellow bloggers in the last community pool. However, I only got a couple of people just ‘liking’ my comment at the pool. I really appreciate those gestures, but it would help much better there were some elaborate words to describe the thoughts behind them. 😛

    Here’s the link to the post. Please stop by and have a look.

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    1. In my opinion…good feedback has parts. So, I’m starting with your blog’s tagline. I found it catchy, and original. Loved it, cause it’s memorable.

      Your story I scanned mostly, but did get the overall gist of it as you will read in my comments on the blog.

      I struggled with the very first sentence because I couldn’t quite ignore “New Year Resolution.” I even looked it up to see if an apostrophe was needed. I suppose it can be written either way, but for me the charm is in the apostrophe. Please keep in mind this is my subjective opinion.

      I happen to be a highly visual person, so looking at your story, I saw a lot of story ahead of me. I know how difficult it is to look in the bottom corner of the WordPress editor and see the word count keep going up. It’s like looking at the screen in the grocery store after you’ve put all your groceries on the ramp. You hope you’re not going to swoon at the final total. And who would start deleting unless you just had to.

      It’s the same with all of our words. Sometimes, we just have to cut a chunk or two out. Even though it’s painful, we soon realize we can do without that much verbiage. It actually reads better. Our site visitors can now read the whole story as opposed to scanning it. Most will not admit to this!

      For me, formatting needs to be palatable. I need separation of thought. I need time to chew.

      I loved the beginning, middle and end of your story, only because I scanned those parts that stood out.

      There’s no doubt that you’re a skilled teller. But like me, I suspect you enjoy talking and probably talk as you write. Again, in my subjective opinion, that’s gonna give us more to edit.

      I hope you continue to churn out your meaty tales. They’re darn good however you decide to slice them.

      Highest and Best

      **Long hopefully helpful**


      1. That is so very kind of you to give me such detailed feedback. Those words of appreciation mean a lot! I generally don’t write directly in WordPress as it doesn’t seem to be much convenient as an editor for my text. I only paste the final draft and publish with little modification to the styles and images etc. But yeah, I believe I get your point about getting blogs a bit too lengthy.

        I do talk a lot, but the posts getting too big might have more to do with the fact that I don’t write very frequently. So I guess I accumulate a lot of things that come out in those few blogs that I pen down. But I do try my best to check the word counts. 😊 Thanks a ton again! You made my day.

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      2. Word is a great editing application, and can be downloaded to iPad and Apple or Android phone. What makes this a tool you may prefer is it instantly formats into WordPress.


    1. I like the header!
      Your theme allows for an image to be displayed for each post, so make sure you have at least one picture. Even if your theme didn’t have that, it’s still a good idea, as it breaks up the text!
      Happy Blogging!


    2. I like the layout and can’t wait to see what else you have in store as far as blog posts!

      Just one comment, when I click on the link – it looks like there should be headers at the top of your blog posts but nothing is generating for me.


  4. Hey there!

    We are a brand new blog – a platform started to discuss issues concerning women. We are motivated to provide an alternative narrative on womanhood, pop culture, patriarchal domination, sexism and other things along that line.

    If you’re interested in stuff like that or want to contribute an article, drawing, poem (anything, really), please check out our blog!

    Any feedback about the theme, articles, opinions, format will also be appreciated.

    The blog:

    Thanks in advance!
    Happy blogging!

    TheFWord Team.

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  5. I write about social justice issues at Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian. I just released a podcast yesterday where I read a collection of posts from my “Lessons from Life’s Classroom” series. Check it out and let me know what yu think.

    If you’ve had experience with podcasting, any general tips you may have to share would be welcome too, as with any general impressions you have of the website.

    Thank you.

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    1. Your blog looks great. The purple is really striking I must say. I’m a big fan of color on blogs as long as it is balanced and yours looks great. The content is good too. Seems like you have a lot of ‘things’ to get out on your posts. The one thing I might say as you get going a bit more is to expand your About section. Its great what you say there now, but readers want to get to know you on a more personal level.

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  6. Hello, all you bloggers & blog followers out there-Happy Monday! I have just published new posts this past week, such as the stories behind Laff-A-Lympics and breakfast cereal, and some great DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas, all at Dream In Music, at!-JW 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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