Heads Up: The Daily Post is Getting a Makeover

We’re about to make a whole lot of changes, and we want you to be the first to see ’em.

It’s been nearly two years since we changed our outfit — it’s time for a new look! The Daily Post is getting a makeover on Thursday; want a sneak peek?

I know, I know: we’re already incredibly attractive. How can we improve on perfection?

A lot has changed here over the past two years. Daily prompts returned, we introduced writing challenges and challenges like Zero to Hero, we brought in voices from the community and a slew of new editors, and more. Our archives now include lots of evergreen posts we want you to be able to find easily. We’re building a community with features like the Community Pool.

We want The Daily Post to reflect all that. We want it to be more fun. And we want to show you and your blogs off.

Okay, now we’re babbling because we’re nervous. Here goes! We proudly present the new Daily Post home page (the whole thing, so scroll all the way!):

pageshot of 'The Daily Post All things blogging, by bloggers for bloggers ' @ 2014-04-05-1237

Orange is the new black!

At the top, you’ll find the day’s prompt front-and-center, along with a rotating selection of your responses:

prompt with responses

As you scroll down, you’ll find popular topics and challenges like Zero to Hero, along with a space where we can share quick notes, tips, and links to posts we love:

newDP center

Did you notice how the first screenshot showed the latest posts in a single column, and this one displays them in two? That’s because our new look is fully responsive — it will adjust its layout based on your screen size, so those of you who like to read on phones and tablets will have the same great experience as people on full computers.

We’ve also improved how your prompt and challenge responses are displayed. Goodbye, long, multi-page lists of pingbacks! Pingbacks on prompts now appear as a clean, graphic grid, showing off your blog’s name and post title over an image of your home page:

newDP prompts

There’s a lot more to see, but you’ll have to wait for the full experience. We can’t wait for Thursday morning, and we hope you feel the same!

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