New Blog Challenges Start April 15!

NOTE: The sign-up form is now closed, but all Blogging U. assignments are published publicly here on The Daily Post — feel free to jump in!

If you’re just getting your blog off the ground, or saw our Zero to Hero challenge in January and wished you’d thrown your hat into the ring, today’s your lucky day: another round of Blogging 101: Zero to Hero gets started on Tuesday, April 15th.

Looking for something more advanced? Blogging 201: Branding, Growth and Traffic starts the same day (201-level challenges on writing/photography and theme tailoring start in early summer)!

Read on to learn more about each challenge and sign up to participate.

Blogging 101: Zero to Hero

What is Zero to Hero? Thirty days of digestible blogging assignments that get you from “What’s a blog?” to a blog that you’re excited to publish — and others are excited to read. At the end of Day 30, you’ll have:

  • A half-dozen (or more) published posts, and a handful of draft posts to get you through your next 30 days.
  • A customized theme, with widgets to draw new readers in and highlight your favorite reads.
  • A (small but growing) audience.
  • An understanding of the blogging community, blog etiquette, and how to build a readership of your own.

We can’t guarantee instant viral mayhem (if only!), but you’ll have a jump-start on all the basics for successful blogging.

Blogging 201: Branding, Growth, and Traffic

Branding, Growth, and Traffic assumes a few things about your blog: you know what you want your blog to be, you’ve got a handle on publishing basics, and you’re ready to take your site to the masses. This is a 14-day challenge that will help you:

  • Define your blog’s brand and make sure it’s effective and consistent.
  • Build your audience both within, and without.
  • Understand and use your blog’s stats to grow your traffic.
  • Make the most of your existing posts, to bring them ongoing attention.

We’ll help you focus your brand and explore different ways to boost your internet infamy. At the end of the two weeks, you’ll have some new readers, new tools, and a to-do list you’re excited to attack.

If you’re participating in either challenge, you’ll also have access to The Commons, a private, conversation-focused site where you can chat with other participants, share works-in-progress for feedback, and more (there will be separate sites for 101 and 201 bloggers). Staff will be on hand there to answer questions, give feedback, direct you to more resources, and keep the conversation flowing.

Get ready to blog!

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  1. Sounds great, not sure if the submit button is working though, it seems to keep throwing an error. I’d like to sign up to 201 though 🙂


    1. It looks like it’s working correctly — signups are rolling in — so I’d try again a little later. If you get the error again, I’ll add you to the list manually.


      1. Thank you Michelle! I signed up for 201 and looking forward to it. So much fun hanging out with you in the Challenges! 🙂


  2. Since I have completely started my blog all over again, I am doing the 101 challenge. I’m ready, bring it on! 🙂


      1. I told myself I would not do another challenge. I’m already doing the A-Z and that is work! Yes, I’m excited to be doing the Blogging 201~


    1. Hi. I signed up for 201 but I put my primary blog, Luna’s Imagination Igloo, in the form. I realized that I also wanted to do this for another blog. Is this possible? 😕


  3. I think I’m signed up for 101? I hit submit and just got a blank page with “0” on it? Anyone else get that?


  4. Reblogged this on Capt Jills Journeys and commented:
    I did the first Zero to Hero Challenge, I’m going to do the second one. I hope it will help me learn to grow my blog some more. The first one was very helpful. I only wish I could’ve done it a couple of months earlier when I was just starting out and totally clueless! 😉


  5. Hello everyone.Just sign up for 201 and i’m already excited to see what this project is all about.I love blogging and writing.But you can’t keep posting blog when you don’t have readers, or feedback.Hope 201 will help me change that!!! Have a great Week end!


    1. I agree, I have a client that has a great site but no one knows he’s out there. I’m hoping 201 will give me the tools to help improve his readership.


  6. Reblogged this on Shawn Daily and commented:
    And who says I can’t do this? No one, I guess. I bet all of you can do this, too! Maybe even better than me.

    Well, what are you doing there, staring at the screen? Sign up!


  7. I just started a blog last week – so the timing seems perfect. Question – I feel like I have a basic understanding of the blog process. Would it be advisable to attempt 201?


    1. If you’re brand new, I’d suggest 101 — the community-building pieces of that are invaluable, and it’ll help you get even more comfortable with WordPress. The 201 will be offered again (along with other intermediate challenges), so you can always hop on one of those.


  8. I already have a blog here but it’s my first and I’d like to start a second one and really get to understand the underbelly of starting it and keeping moving. Great!


    1. 201 will come around again, so don’t feel that you have to jump on it now. 201 also assumes that you have a lot of what we cover in 101 already in place, so if you’re just getting started, it’s helpful to go in order rather than trying to do everything at once.