Zero to Hero: What’s Next? You Tell Us!

We thought some of you might be having a little Zero to Hero withdrawal and come looking for something new today, so we thought we’d share some useful resources you might not have seen.

Okay, maybe it’s just me. Fine. Humor me, okay?

(We’re also looking ahead to other ways we can support you, and would love your input — scroll down to let us know what kinds of things you’re interested in.)

Finding the time to blog in between, y’know, life, can be challenging. If you’re feeling pressed for time, “When Life Gets in the Way” might help. If you’ve got the time to write but no words are forthcoming, you can always plagiarize yourself.

If you want to explore some new post styles, check out our rundowns on the art of the open letter, defining boundaries when writing about family and friends, and humor writing. If your humor runs toward the dark, we’ve also got a piece on the art of snark.

There are lots of bloggers, on and beyond, who have fantastic resources on writing, photography, and the craft of blogging. Here are a few of our favorites:

You can find many more recommendations here, along with links to more of our favorite, timeless pieces on The Daily Post. And of course, we’ll be here every day with more advice and support. There are also bloggers putting together small workshop groups in this thread, and we’ll have open Zero to Hero forum threads until February 5th.

We also love to know what other kinds of challenges and tutorials you’d find helpful.

Thanks, and happy blogging!

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