Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: The Importance of Being Serbian

“In the end, I borrowed from Oscar Wilde.” Nemušti Jezik talks about the blog name, The Importance of Being Serbian.

In our last Q&A on choosing a blog name, we talked to Darla at She’s a Maineiac. Today, let’s continue this popular series and sit down with Nemušti Jezik, the writer at The Importance of Being Serbian.

The Importance of Being Serbian

What’s the story behind your blog name?

I wanted to make a big impression right from the start, so I was going to go with something like “It was the best of times . . .” or “Happy families are all alike . . .” Luckily, a friend pointed out one of those was actually written by a cranky old Russian called Tolstoyevski. Apparently, Tolstoyevski wore a big beard and didn’t like it when people tried to plagiarize him. I’m so glad I have such well-read friends.

In the end, I borrowed from Oscar Wilde.

To be quite honest, the blog name happened spontaneously — like the best things in life usually do. It just sort of poured out effortlessly. It’s supposed to draw attention, grab the reader by the collar, and not let go until he or she has read at least the first five or six (or a dozen) of your posts. I sat in front of my computer and thought about what my blog would be about. I had no idea, but I knew I wanted to be clever and funny (and beautiful and well-dressed, of course), and this name just plopped right out.

Tell us what your blog is about — and what you like to write.

Put simply, my blog is meant to be a sort of lighthearted social commentary about contemporary life in Serbia. I live and work in Serbia, but I’ve chosen to write in English because my essays are primarily meant for non-Serbians curious about this country’s people and rich culture.

I create all of my content for the blog with just one principle in mind, which I like to call my SSSF: keep each post Short, Simple, Smart (if possible), and Funny. I’m fairly certain I usually fail at one or all of the S points, but the F generally comes through and is, thank heavens, appreciated by my readers.

Your URL — — is shorter and more manageable. Did you know from the start what the web address would be?

Like the longer blog name, this just rolled out. It made sense because it’s short enough to be easily remembered, and it tells people very simply what the blog is about. Many readers (I won’t say most, even if I think it) have an attention span of a chipmunk on steroids, so a snappy URL is really a must. Nobody wants to visit a blog named “”

Do you have any tips for someone who has a long blog name and isn’t sure how to shorten it for their URL (or custom domain)?

Make it shorter! That’s not very good advice. Let me try that again. Make it shorter!

So make your blog name all about you. Who are you? What do you care about?

You really shouldn’t have a long blog name to begin with. Long blog names tell me, the reader, that you’re not concentrated enough in your writing, and that, perhaps, you don’t really know who (or what) you are. Blogging, at least the kind of blogging I care about, is all about you.

So make your blog name all about you. Who are you? What do you care about? Why do you want your readers to care about what you have to say? Describe yourself in two or three words max, and you’ll have a short blog name.

If you can’t do that, try stealing from Tolstoyevski.

Are you still happy with this name or would you ever consider changing it?

I feel like the name describes what the blog is about perfectly; I couldn’t possibly change it at this point. If I ever felt like the name didn’t work anymore, I think I’d have to create a whole new blog, a whole new identity. Plus, if it ain’t broken . . .

Thanks for sharing these insights on choosing a blog name, Nemušti!

Tip from The Daily Post: If you’re interested in buying a custom domain, use a tool to see if the name you want is available. If you’re interested in learning more about custom domains, visit the All About Domains support page, as well as these handy posts:

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    1. If you want to change the name displayed on your blog: (And look at the steps under “Changing your site title and tagline.”

      If you want to change a part of your URL in a free default address (ie,

      Changing a custom domain you’ve bought is tricky, since you’ve purchased that exact domain (spelling and all):

      Let us know if you have a specific question or need more info.


  1. The perfect blog name is SO crucial. I’ve finally found mine (A Sober Head Full Of Confusion) and I think it represents my blog and what I have to say perfectly. 🙂


  2. This was awesome advice, as I am still contemplating the name/purpose of my blog. I could use some advice on tagging posts as well as just how to have a good blog 🙂 Thanks for the advice!


  3. After reading this, I’m actually considering renaming my own. I want to also have that feeling where I can say that the name perfectly suits my blog, and I can’t say that just yet! I’ll remember to keep it simple. Thanks for the advice!


  4. Good piece of writing!

    I like my name, so I decided to give my own name to my blog. I believe a life is an ocean. My blog is all about me. Directly or indirectly, our life is connected with thousands of people. I believe it, so I believe that sometime there is no need of a commercialised blog/personal website too. I write the nature to nurture this society in a positive manner, and stay positive myself.


  5. Thanks for the helpful Post.
    I have just started blogging on wordpress, will you kindly enlighten me with diffrent genres, topics & subjects for the blogs.


  6. People’s names, in a blog title, are difficult to remember after a few sleeps. My blog is called tssreviews – so the Facebook page is called TSS – which couldn’t be much shorter! A little boring, I know, but I thought the three letters might stick in the mind. I’ve only been asked once, what TSS stands for, and it is irrelevant really – but I really like your blog name! I will remember your blog and it does the work of triggering your chosen theme for it.


  7. Dinkrit means day maker. Its root is “dinkar” meaning the sun in sanskrit. Where I come from, we are taught to enrich,empower and enhance those around us. That is the motive of my blog. I believe it is apt to name your blog with your own name when it has a relevant meaning.




  9. Are you Serbian? Because I am from Russia! This would make us like Slavic brother and sister? Serbia is very Orthodox, like Russia! I loved Serbia when I went, by the way! Nice writing, too!