Video Tutorial: Publish Your First Blog Post

We’ll be posting a short video tutorial here every Saturday during Zero to Hero, to help out you visual learners. Today, we’ll walk you through publishing a post.

If you’re following the Zero to Hero 30-day blogging challenge, you’ve now introduced yourself, customized your blog name, and shared what motivated you to start blogging. If you’re still not totally comfortable with drafting and publishing a post, or if you’re not doing the challenge and need to know the nuts and bolts of publishing, today’s tutorial is for you. Let’s publish a post!

(Not sure what to write about? Try one of our prompts or challenges, or browse the topic pages for some inspiration.)

Have an idea in mind? Let’s get started.

Congratulations! You’re a published author.

One important note about Post Formats: These only change the visual design of your blog post (based on your theme) but don’t dictate the types of content you can include. Feel free to mix text, images, and other media, regardless of the post format you choose. Learn more about post formats

Looking for a little more help? Here are some other great resources for drafting and publishing new blog posts:

Is there a specific feature or task you’d love to see covered in video format? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Great! Thanks for this – am clearly a visual learner. Although I’ve already started my blog, there was still information to learn – I found the tips on using Post Formats very helpful – I’d avoided all but the ‘Text’ format, was good to know can mix and match with these.


  2. Thank you very much , i need to upload a word document that i ‘ve been working for a long time for a book to be published as an art and literary work .


  3. Thanks for this, I am a new blogger and I think I misused the hyperlink vs. tag options. That was helpful info.


    1. Daily prompts start the same as any other blog post, the only difference is that you will want to be sure to insert a link to the Daily Prompt post in the blog post you write. This will automatically create a pingback, and that is what makes a link to your post display in the link list below the daily prompt.


  4. This is going to be a challenge!! but thanks for the info,I am playing catch up on Zero to Hero challenge and having lots of fun.. making mistakes tho..


    1. No problem. Just add an Image Widget to your sidebar (Appearance>Widgets) and in the “Image URL” field, add this URL:

      If you want to link back to the Zero to Hero page (to encourage others to participate) add this URL to the “Link URL” field: