Who Makes the Comedians Laugh? A Humor Blog Roundup

When we picked the brains of yesterday’s humor panelists, we didn’t just ask them how to make others laugh — we asked who makes them laugh. Here, for your reading pleasure, are the bloggers who crack up the comedians:

MATT:  As much as I would thrill me to list every single person I think is a funnier writer than I am, I’m going to cop out by saying that humor is subjective. There’s a lengthly list of content creators that I feel give me a run for my money. I like Paul Johnson’s The Good Greatsby, Pete from The Evolution of Insanity, and our own Madame Weebles’ Fear No Weebles.

It’s the comic authors who always seem to hit it out of the park and onto the moon for me. The Magnificent Whatever and Bring Me the Head of David Dixon are regular haunts.

DARLA: I second The Good Greatsby, and add Speaker 7, The Byronic Man, Go Jules Go, and Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings.

All of them choose their words carefully. They take the time to craft a phrase in such a way to give the joke the punch it needs to make you snort and spew coffee all over the keyboard. I’m extremely jealous of all of them. I hate them. I love them. It’s an unsettling mix of conflicting emotions. (I’ll pretend I mostly love them because I know they might read this.)

LEN: 1pointperspective is good. He’s got the right amount of sarcasm and has a good relationship with his readers. Hippie Cahier is funny and went to the finest university ever.

Shouts from the Abyss is all over the map and I like it; he’ll take on political and social issues I won’t touch and will skewer anyone who needs it. If he thinks they need skewering, I usually agree. I also enjoy Brown Road Chronicles quite a bit. (Finally remembered to subscribe, too, which was really nice of me.)

KATIE: The great thing about humor blogs and humor bloggers is that they each have their own style. Some of them write from an occupational standpoint, like The Hook. Some of them have this cool girl vibe to them and a serious talent for finding applicable gifs, like The Camel Life, and others have an entire theme to their blog that becomes their trademark — like Ben at Ben’s Bitter Blog.

JULIE: She’s a Maineiac is one of the best there is, but you know this already. The others that come to mind immediately are Speaker7, Sips of Jen and Tonic, and Becky Says Things. They make me laugh out loud with literally every post.  The phrasing, the timing, the pop culture references, the discussion of stuff we’ve all thought about…and they’re smart broads.

Do you have other go-tos when you need a laugh? Share ’em in the comments!

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  1. The Daily Post,
    Couldn’t be happier to see Bring me the Head of David Dixon up there. I rarely use “genius”, but I think David Dixon is among those brilliant minds.
    Le Clown


    1. He is funny, but because of the incorrect use of punctuation (or lack of) and sentence structures being choppy, it made for difficult reading, and I find that with many, many blogs.

      Punctuation and flow of writing makes a huge difference… for me.


    1. Why is there no “like” button for comments?! Or “love” button? Or, “completely agreed and actually laughed out loud” button? That’s the one I’d need here. 😉


  2. I’m absolutely gutted that I wasn’t included in the lineup. My pillow is positively soaking in tears right now. But I forgive all of you. Truly. I could already hear your collective laughter about my blog. Perhaps one fine day you might even visit and read my blog. Good post.


  3. Thanks for this post! I’ve been looking for some funny role models! Life’s been a female dog lately and I forgot how to laugh. I hope these people will remind me- I actually used to be a funny girl. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Shucks. Thank you, Darla! And back at’cha. I’m among some of the best company there is up there – I’ve learned so much from these terrifically funny bloggers!


  5. I love so many of the others mentioned, too. …I quietly stalk some of them jealously, but I’m still a fan. Just in a going-through-their-trash kind of way.


    1. OH MY GOSH. Also, Becca at 25toFly. How did I almost forget?

      I could really do this all day with funny bloggers, but that just hit me.


  6. I can never thank Katie enough for taking pity on a poor Canadian bellman/blogger. She’s good people and I’m in great company!


  7. seinfeld has a new show in it’s second season. it’s called “comedians in cars getting coffee.” he interviews other comedians; in cars; getting coffee 🙂 it’s pretty good, it is shown on youtube thursday’s at noon. Letterman was today.


  8. Doubling down on Jules’ “Shucks. Thanks you Darla.” You da bomb!

    I’m delighted to know many of the fine bloggers in this lineup and thrilled to discover more. Except that WordPress already sucks up so much of my time I’ll soon be jobless, penniless and looking for a cardboard box under a bridge that gets Wifi for my new digs.


  9. I forgot to add two more to my list:

    Charles from the blog, Mostly Bright Ideas — always a great read and always cracks me up.

    Angie from Childhood Relived — Her writing about pop culture of the ’70s/’80s never fails to make me weep with laughter.