The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
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Photo by t_a_i_s.

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    1. First of all, I enjoyed the title and the images, I wanted to know what had happened as I read the post through, (great shot of the Rikshaws btw!) I empathised with what you were saying about not wishing to intrude on the Unfortunate Dreamer, and the irony that he was outside the KFC, and all those feeling running about in your mind, the images and your words were sensitive.


    2. That last shot is absolutely heart wrenching, mate. That is really some picture. I mean, wow. Great job. Kudos to you for having the presence of mind in capturing such a moment for posterity.



  1. I recently added a feedback form following a great tip from the WordPress community. Sadly, the form hasn’t been seen a lot (based on stats) and I haven’t received any feedback so far. I had participated in a weekly writing challenge that specifically solicited feedback, but no luck there either. Any thoughts on what I need to do to make that page more visible?

    Here’s my site –


    1. I would suggest that if u have a good number of followers/friends on Google+/Twitter/Facebook, then spread words about your posts on those sites. Networking is not just about good content writing. People have to know about it too. Request your close friends to share your work, etc. There are entire blogs on networking tips. Try to catch up with some of those. I’m sure it’ll help, coz from what I saw on your blog, it has the capacity to interest anyone. Goodluck! 🙂


      1. Thank you. I used to tag my content on social networks, but readers’ interest started dwindling after a couple of posts. I knew I had to lay off a bit, and found that most of my friends and family always had good things to say. Was looking for someone who would critically look at my posts and give me some constructive feedback as well. I guess that’s what the community pool is for 🙂

        Thanks again for the tips!


    2. Commenting on here is a great way to get feedback on your blog. I met a lot of people by putting my blog on here. Also commenting but commenting frequently to remind both the blogger and other commenters that you’re still around.


    3. Don’t worry too much if no one fills out the feedback forms. My blog gets an average of 20 visitors on a good day, yet (with one exception) the only people to have filled out the feedback forms are people that I know in real life. Sometimes people just don’t want to fill them out.

      Additionally, I only started receiving feedback (even from my friends) once I made the email optional. Even in our digital age, people still like the illusion of privacy.

      Best of luck to you!


  2. Can someone please break down into steps how to do the Daily Post. I don’t know how to post it so it is linked to the topic. I tried to do it the other day and well, that did not go so well. Anything would be appreciated. I am trying to really get back into my log and this would be a great way to do it.


    1. The easiest way to do this is to highlight the URL for the Daily Post and copy it into your post somewhere. Then highlight the URL you just put in your post and click on the little link icon at the top of your post form where the “more”, italics, bold and other buttons are. Put the URL in the first box and the name you want in the second. Save and when you’re ready, publish your post. The pingback will show up automatically in the Daily Post.

      I hope that makes sense. If not, let me know and I’ll try to be clearer.



      1. Just letting you know, you helped me too. I had just left a comment asking for help and then read your response. If only I had read before writing!


  3. Hi all,

    I’m looking for some direction on my new blog. I have split it into 7 categories:

    Motherhood Monday
    Interiors Tuesday
    Wednesday Weddings
    Recreate Thursday (where I find a house that’s for sale and demonstrate what I would do to make it my dream home. Note I haven’t yet done one of these- I need photoshop first!)
    Fashion Friday
    Saturday Snapshots (my week in pics)
    Sunday Sessions (on whatever I want).

    Thoughts? Is this too varied, or might people like the variety? They are all subjects that I’m interested in, and so I hope that others will be too.

    Also, any advice on how to get my readership up would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance!!


    1. Do I think it’s too varied? No. You may get followers who only read your Tuesday and Thursday posts (for example) but I see no reason to limit your choice of topics. It’s a lot easier to write regularly if you don’t limit yourself a single narrow topic like fashion or weddings or whatever. On the flipside, your scheduled topic rotation would require you to write an equal number of posts on each subject and that might prove difficult in the long run.

      My blog is about “things that insult my intelligence,” which means I write about an even wider array of topics than what you’re proposing. It hasn’t hindered my ability to find readers as far as I can tell.


    2. How about ‘turning in tuesday’ and ‘travelling thursday’? I know thats not part of the original question but you have a great alliteration thing going on there. 😛


    1. Your theme supports widgets on all pages, but may not be on individual posts or the home page. For instance, I see the widgets on your “About me” page. If widgets are important to you, you may want to consider using a different theme.


    1. It’s just my opinion, but the layout seems a but cluttered. That said, I think it’s a great idea to have a page dedicated to your photos.

      Best of Luck to you!


  4. Hey guys, I customized my blog and one of my nice readers told me that they can’t see my colors on my blog, that it is all black and white. I am afraid that she can’t see the whole customization (text, color, everything). I wanted to see if my blog works on other people’s browsers otherwise it is stupid to use the customization update if no one can see it.


  5. I”m not sure what your color scheme is, but it only appears to me as b&w. The only colors I see are the ones in your photos. For what it’s worth, I’m running the latest version of FireFox. Hope this helps and best of luck to you!


    1. If you would like more readers:
      1. Comment, comment, comment some more
      2. Follow the people following you
      3. (I haven’t read anything on your blog) Use good grammar, spelling, etc
      4. Pop that bad boy on Facebook, Twitter, or anything else you can think of


      1. Commenting is actually very fun. Reading other people’s blogs may help you get some ideas in there (maybe some pingbacks?)


  6. Hey everyone.

    Alright so what I;m asking might be just a little tedious, please bear with me. I recently started a new category on my poetry and perceptions blog, and the new category, called Abnormally Normal Anne, is about living in a abusive household.

    What I was wondering is, will the grimness of the topic detract from overall content of prose and poetry? I don’t want to be hawking doom and gloom. Indeed, the purpose was quite the opposite. I received some very negative comments that startled me, and I did not approve them. Now I’m wondering whether I should take that category down altogether. What do you guys think?


  7. I have begun to blog and re-new my writing. I have three volumes of stories and histories/my memories/my memoirs. Any comments will be appreciated. I have some physical back issues (aged back = 72 years), so I am not able to spend hours at the computer.

    My concerns: not grammar, not spelling, but length of posting and appearance. See me and read me, please.


    1. The length of your posts is good. The look is good. (If you weren’t using any right-oriented pictures, your posts might seem like they were bleeding into the sidebar.)

      If you want more readers, start adding tags; otherwise, your blog is going to be difficult for most readers to find. Go the the Reader and, on the right sidebar, click on “explore topics.” That will show you some of the most popular tags at WordPress. If a tag is relevant to a post you’re writing, include it in the list; you can have up to 15 for each post. You can also create your own tags, of course.

      I also kind of wish your post titles somehow expressed that you’re an older man writing about his past. I haven’t seen many bloggers your age around here, so there’s definitely a niche for what you’re doing. One of the most successful blogs I’ve seen (maybe THE most successful) was by an 80-something year-old. His was a humor blog with the address… but that doesn’t seem like your personality. I’m sure you get my point, though.


      1. Thank you for the thoughtful commentary. I shall take your advice. Maybe I will update my “About” to add more details of my life? My bio facts? I’ll let you know. Please continue to follow me.


    1. @ michelle w.

      I visited Andrea’s blog post and the link was typed in correctly. (I clicked on it and it directed me to the intended Daily Post page.) I don’t see her post in the pingback list either.

      This does not seem to be a case of a blogger doing something wrong.


      @ Andrea

      I’ve noticed that sometimes things around here run on a slight delay. I know that’s true for likes, follows, and other stats. It might also be true for pingbacks.


  8. I’ve established a “Digest” on my blog, a sidebar widget that gives links to web articles I find interesting. No one clicks the links. Any thoughts?


  9. I’ve decided to challenge myself each week to experiment with different structures for poetry (by the way, I am NOT a poet, but find that when I’m reading the best writers, I can’t tell the difference between fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or prose). This week, the challenge is an Analogy/Metapahor poem. If anybody wants to join me, here’s where you can read about the challenge (and where you can post a link to your poem should you decide to participate):


  10. I’m new to this page but I figured that I would ask anyways.

    If you could look at this page and tell me:

    1. Do you actually feel the emotions that you think are trying to be portrayed? Or does it fall flat or seem more like a chronology?

    and 2. Where in the text are my strengths?

    and 3. Where am I too wordy?

    Warning. Trigger possibility.


  11. Goodness sakes! I wish I’d known about all of the maintaining good writing skills that are offered here too. Anyway, my name is Jon-Paul. I have been writing now for several years. This as you know is not an attempt to self-edify my style or otherwise. I love writing and all things practiced to be a good writer. However, lately I’ve been going through this process of writing a piece, checking it, then publishing it – only to find relatively the same article written by someone else that I enjoy than reading my own.
    The problems I’m facing at this time are the age old, what would my readers enjoy reading. I normally write about issues that should be of great concern to Americans such as: Immigration reform, killing of Coptic Christians, the absurdity of our elected officials, and finally, why something isn’t being done about it. I need help with focus, keeping my posts to 500 words and ideas for what audiences enjoy. Thanking you in advance,

    The Contemplative Thinker