Interpretations of Love

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A few weeks ago, Sara published a Weekly Photo Challenge on love, and this week, I sifted through and selected some submissions to share for Valentine’s Day. I know some of us don’t celebrate this day, or find such holidays rather cheesy, but I was intrigued by the different perspectives and takes on love and enjoyed your interpretations of this theme, from the traditional to the abstract.

For many of you, love was not of the romantic nature, but rather the connection between parent and child, or the bond between animals, or the smiles of strangers. For the blogger at Fine Things, love is revealed in the imagination of her son; and for the photographer PJ Charles, love is felt in the presence of his mother, in her first year being cancer-free.

Click on any image below to open up the full-size carousel view, see more details about each photograph and the link to the original submission, and add comments to each if you’d like.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Thanks, love comes in so many forms. Loved reading all your posts, you inspired me. I had just come upstairs from making my cats a special breakfast, my significant other passed this year and instead of dwelling I treated the kitties. Then, I read this, affirmation of my own process.


  2. I love the images, my wife and I never celebrate St Valentines Day because we were married 13th February and yesterday we celebrated 31 years married. I was 18, my wife to be had just turned 17 on 10th November. We met 30th November 1981, we were married 13th February 1982 (no she wasn’t pregnant :-). ) My parents refused to come to our wedding and gave us 3 months. So for those who don’t believe in love at first site or that there is no such a thing as a soul mate. Just have to look at the two of us and believe, its real. 🙂

    Happy Valentines Day, may love find you how ever you try to hide from it. May Cupids arrow fly straight and true finds you someone who looks deep into your eyes and says “I Love You”


    1. Ouch, cupid’s arrows went zinging towards me. I believe you. My father and mother was a whirlwind romance. Happy Heart Day, Pete. And Happy Anniversary, belated.


  3. To Cheri and Sara…. I want to thank you for your kind recognition of my mother’s journey and of my photo honoring her. I thought I would share with you a photo today of her feeling better and smiling. I took this at Thanksgiving this year.

    I was really excited to be recognized by your post and want to thank you again. I am having such a great time with WordPress (I converted from Tumblr in January) – and am inspired by some of the challenges the team throws out there. If you get a minute, pop by and Steve is a collaborator that lives in Singapore and we are committed this year to presenting shots of colors by month. January was White… February Red….. and March will be Orange. We, like you, are always looking for ways to see things a bit differently.

    Thanks again. PJ


      1. Interesting challenge, Cheri. I’m glad I participated.Thanks to you & Sara. The challenge allows me to look at blogging and wordpress from a new and different angle 🙂 Thanks again for the mention, it’s a total surprise :).