Quick Tip: Take Up the Gauntlet

You’ve started a blog, you visit and comment on others’ sites, you hang around with those cool kids over at The Daily Post — all fantastic ways to find your readers and become a part of the community. If you want to try and speed up the process, though, you can jump-start your site by participating in blogging events.

Blogging events can take lots of forms, but typically, a blogger will issue a challenge or task, you’ll publish your response, and the host blogger will round up all the responses on his/her site so all participants can check ’em out. In essence, it’s kinda like what we do with writing and photo challenges, just initiated by individual bloggers.

There are events out there for everyone — fiction writing, travel photography, cooking and recipe development, poetry challenges, DIY project events, and more — so you can quickly meet other bloggers who care about the same thing you do.

You can find blogging events by skimming the ChallengeΒ and Blogging Challenge topics in the Reader. We’ve also rounded up a few examples for you:

Often, blogging events have their own Twitter handles to make following along easier, and many offer badges to show off your participation. In fact, checking out the badges on blogs you already love can be a great way of finding interesting events.

If you have a blogging event you love participating in (or you run one yourself), please leave a link in the comments so others can find you. While we encourage you to keep on participating in Daily Post challenges, get out there and see what else is going on!

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      1. The photo prompt is posted on Wednesday morning…at least in the Midwest USA. πŸ˜‰ Authors post from Wednesday and beyond. The bulk of them follow the original idea of posting Friday. A great challenge to tighten your writing.


  1. Hi there, I have an ongoing Blogging Challenge on my blog which invites readers to answer thought-provoking questions, often requiring self-reflection. There is also usually one photo challenge as well.

    You can find my Blogging Challenge in the Slider on my homepage at Swift Expression:

    I also have Awards that can be displayed on your blog if you win the Challenge. These Awards are 100% earned and there is no “chain mail” effect. Come and check it out!

    Fair warning: This Challenge is not for the faint-hearted.

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  2. I am having a virtual Christmas Party on December 15th–come dressed as your favourite author or character in a book; bring an appetizer from the 1970’s; and be ready to hear Margaret Atwood laugh, Rodents and Rebels play, and other bloggers entertain.


  3. I am hosting a weekly challenge called “Wednesday Rewind”. I challenge my readers to take a look back at what they were doing last year on this date. It is always interesting to compare what were doing this year and last year. Personally I love the interation of challenges. Today’s challenge will be posted shortly today.


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  5. These are great! Thanks a lot especially now that I’m going to start writing Flash Fiction at My Story Club (website for FF writers). I just entered my 1st comp from your list and received a good response. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Thanks πŸ˜€