Roundup of great advice on blogging

In the last weeks we’ve had some excellent posts on’s news blog with solid blogging advice. I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of them:

  1. How to get more comments
  2. How to get more page views (based on research by Stanford University)
  3. How to turn you blog into a book
  4. How to get more traffic

What other advice are you looking for that goes beyond using specific features and tools?

We can share what we know right here on DailyPost – just leave a comment and ask away.

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  1. Is there some way to sort the blogs we follow in the reader? It would be convenient to have something like a favorites folder for blogs we want to comment on or get back to at leisure! It is rather tedious to have to wade through the entire list each time.


  2. Finding and creating your own graphics. Understanding technical settings in WordPress. (Don’t know what to do often because don’t understand terms.)


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  4. Obrigada pelas explicações!
    Mas gostaria de conseguir editar o meu livro, o que não consegui até agora!
    Abraços Mina!


  5. Well, hmm. A friend recently told me she had to empty all her caches, limit her replies to five, cut off replies after a certain date, and send her guest bloggers to their own site because her space had filled up, or something. She has more responders than the average blogstie, but I’ve never read anything like what she claims — that we could “run out of space” on our sites. Is this so?