When we talk about blogging daily, we often talk about finding a blogging routine. Yet after we find ourselves in a groove with our writing, life happens and we’re pulled away from our regular habits. I’ve been traveling more often than usual for the past few weeks and found myself having a hard time figuring out when and what to write about. It’s more than just not having time, but also feeling enraptured by a new place and wanting to experience it fully, without pausing to sit behind a computer for a few moments. As the seasons change, you too may find yourself on the road — here’s a few tips I found helpful.

While you may not have time now to recap each day, save the moments of your trip you want to share and plan for a series of posts later. Once you’re home, you can upload all of your photos and write an outstanding recap of your adventures in a multi-post series. Not only does this help to alleviate an overwhelmingly large blog post, but it also gives readers a reason to come back to your blog. You can also post teaser photos and updates that give readers a taste of your trip throughout your adventures. For shorter posts like these, use post formats if your blog’s theme supports them. For example, in Twenty Eleven, there is the option to publish a post in the Status format. Publishing a “status update,” versus a blog post, often feels much more casual and easier to do on the go.

While on the road, internet connectivity isn’t always guaranteed. An easy alternative is to write your blog posts in a plain text file, which allows you the same clean, uncluttered look of the WordPress editor, while having a copy of your post saved to your computer. By using a plain text file, rather than Microsoft Word, you can easily transfer your post content over to your site when WiFi is available without causing any layout issues. (Learn more about this here.) Similarly, since travel often involves rather long periods of time in which you’re confined to a relatively small space, it’s a great time to zone out and brainstorm. While on a bus, I love nothing more than letting my mind wander and jotting down topics that I’d like to write about in the future.

Lastly, using your smart phone to grab photos and take notes while traveling is a quick and easy way to stay up to date without feeling trapped behind a computer. For iOS users, apart from the WordPress mobile app, I often use Camera+, which is a camera app with fun filters and editing options. Recently, a new version was released that allows you to automatically share your photos to WordPress. You can also use your phone to post by email or leave an audio post with our post by voice tool. Thinking outside the box for helps to keep up your daily blogging while away from your home base.

Happy travels!

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  1. Great suggestions! My only problems is that I am self hosted on wordpress and I cannot post through the wordpress app any longer. I wish there was an app for that.

    I still keep my iPhone on me though and write my thoughts in the notes app and take tons of photo’s.


    1. @goodlooknout: Re:above: No this is not true. You should be able to add any WordPress-powered blog to the WordPress app. Some functionality is specific to blogs, others is the other way around – the idea is you’ll get a tailored experience.


  2. That is what I failed to do when I went on a year long RTW trip. I stopped blogging after 3 months in Costa Rica. However after a year back at home, I no longer have the motivation to write down 9 more months of travelling experience. I would do it as you suggested when we go on the next trip. 🙂 Cheers!


  3. The most recent post, “On The Road”, just like others, were good sources of inspiration, to me. Especially, it created awareness on keeping-up Blogging ideals, time-saving methods, getting topics/photos etc, all personal/social day. This post have really worked to co-opt/improve my Blogging/Personal matters. Thanks, for the contribution. It’s a great idea.


  4. Good piece. I’ll be traveling back to the Savannah,GA area in few weeks. It’s usually takes a couple of weeks traveling in a 40ft motor home.We stop when ever we feel like it. A lot of times I’ll shoot pictures along the way.


  5. Great motivation to post. Another extremely useful app to make notes, take pics, etc is Evernote. I swear by it!


  6. This article helped me immensely. My problem as a new writer, is too much stuff in my head! I really do think I have some good story ideas…10 years in Tanzania, over fifty, great love life…big surprise, jumped off a coral mountain, lots of things. I get started and well…
    So thank you for this. I have such respect for you bloggers out there. Y’all do a great job!



  7. Good timing! I’m a spong soakin’-up all of the good ‘travel writing’ advice, as I can. I just started my blog and saw your link. Thanks for the tips. I like your advice.~Cheers.