What is something you always talk about, but never do?

Topic #322:

What is something you always talk about, but never do? Why is it often on your mind? Why does it never happen?

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  1. Get a tattoo of a dragon but thus far, I have hated every single dragon tattoo I’ve seen. I’m extremely extremely picky. I’ll never get a tattoo though. The idea of it being permanent is scary.

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  2. Edit my book and search for a publisher. All too often on my blog I’ve said “will start final edit soon”. Things just keep getting in the way.

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  3. Writing a book for publishing. Actually I am too bored about not doing it to even talk about it. I pehaps feel that my life has to be perfect before I can write and that I must have all the answers first. I think there is some faulty thinking in this but I’ll revisit the reasoning again at some point.

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  4. ‘To Change the World’ – often people have this in the back of their mind. Often that the good of humanity is in our veins. But all too often we sway from this. The utopian ideology of ‘world peace’ can never be achieved perhaps. If only people tend to the actionable. Stick to the verb. A world of action.

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  5. To have a threesome.

    Nah, just kidding. Don’t send me any creepy messages. Seriously.

    I would like to go to Maine. I’ve been wanting to for a while, even bought a guidebook and contacted the Maine Department of Tourism, but so far a no go. Stuff keeps popping up, like the lack of monies.

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  6. I often say that I want to go back to Turkey, where I lived as a kid, and swim and snorkel once more in the Aegean Sea. This is quite often on my mind, as the two years I spent in the area near Izmir were two of the best, happiest years of my life, up til now. Why do I not do it? Dozens of little answers — costs too much; long, long plane ride; health concerns; the whole Muslim/Christian infidel thing, which wasn’t a problem 40 years ago, but I’m sure is now. But two major reasons: someone to go with, and some faith that I can travel that far in good health. Maybe one day soon!

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  7. i have promised myself and friends from college that i will connect with them and visit as much as possible. For new years my husband and i are visiting some good friends in FL. I have also promised myself that i will get more familiar with new recipes and cook something “new” each week.

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