Write about these pictures of unusual structures

Topic #320:

Google Maps contains satellite photos of nearly every part of the earth, which sometimes reveals unusual objects, landscapes and structures. Recently a series of unusual, and apparently manmade, grids and structures was discovered in China.

Pick one of the images and make up a story about what you think it is, or what it’s designed to do. You can either take a realistic guess, or make up a story about ancient civilizations, space aliens, or whatever your imagination desires.

You can see the other photos here.

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  1. All I can think of is some giant grabbing a piece of chalk and doodling while he waits for his giant girlfried to finish trying on frilly undergarments.


  2. Completely off the topic of today’s post, and I’m sure its already been asked, but is there going to be a post a day 2012?


  3. the satellite images of our pond look like there is the foundation of a number of structures down there. I had the same thought, of posting the picture and seeing what stories people could come up with. have fun1


  4. Looks to me like they are trying to beat the world record for biggest mosaic. Those are just the outlines of the plan so far.

    Could be aliens!?

    Or maybe, and most probably, someone has too much time on their hands…