When is it ok to strike first?

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In our individual lives, and international politics, when is it acceptable to strike first? Is it ever ok? Or are there only special circumstances that justify it?

Have you ever attacked someone first? How do you feel about it now? Or are there times in your life that you used restraint, that now, looking back, you wish you hadn’t?

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  1. there is something about prevention for sure… but it takes few variables into concideration.. and… acknowledgment and assessment of the risk of attacking first… aka shame if you are wrong morally, publically, etc etc.

    If you are a person of the heart, chances are, no matter what the outcome, you will feel bad least partially…but its a balance between not taking any sh++, standing up for yourself when you sense something bad and not being the aggressor without any reason.

    over the weekend i got a bit drunk at a party and with full comfort verbalized that i did not like a certain person there. (for the first time in my life). reason for action: … alcohol in my system, being fed up with the b**ls**t state of current world affairs and a…sort of a gut feeling..
    .. suprizingly, next morning, i didnt feel as bad as i thought i would

    …so maybe this was a healthy, mildest form of attack… just calmly and freely expressing my opinion :).


  2. I don’t tend to involve myself unless my territory has really been enroached, and after a few warnings. Then BOOM !