What is the future of the Euro?

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Someone suggested we don’t have enough topics about world economics here on dailypost. I looked through the history, and by george, he’s right.

So today we are going to do a topic about the Euro.

What is the future of the Euro? With all the trouble in Greece, Spain and Italy, do you think the currency will survive? Do you understand why there are multiple currencies in the world? Do you wonder why there isn’t just one kind of currency? Do you think your nation’s money is better looking, or worse, than other nations?

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  1. The euro came into being on Decmeber 16, 1995 and is the second largest trading currency on the globe. It is the chief legal tender for goods and services in Europe as well as a host of countries that honor it.

    Our system depends in part on the euro to hold its economic solvency. Southern Europe is suffering and economic turndown not Northern Europe. So will the eurozone disappear – no. Will the G8 decide to bring new players to the (something they shold have done in 1975?) – yes. The G10 will include China and India. Two emerging economies (a misnomer) that will become the lenders of last resort.



  2. It all depends on Germany I feel. Will they bail out other countries?
    Probably will! They are in the best shape in Europe. its the same all over the planet. Those that have (billionaires) hoard what they don’t need all of!
    People come first always. Helloooo!
    thehappydrummer, Eugene OR USA


  3. People should demonstrate, because the rich feel we are afraid to. It must be done peacefully and in very large numbers. Its wake up time!

    Now that they merged all these Corps, we have the time to pay attention and wake up to how we have been outsmarted by wall street trickery and abstract Mathematics.

    We were convinced that it was ok to invest in real estate in long term loans by the sheer convincing language they presented, and we trusted those in higher places because we have no time to research what they are doing, are spoiled, and don’t eat or sleep well either. Sad, but can be overcome. Lets not fight each other, that is what they want. Keep the faith. We were taught as children to believe in a system that was essentially buccaneers in a sea of a sleeping public. They succeeded. Then the Government bails them out? obvious who the Puppet is here. The United States of Corporations. Is this what we need for out Grandchildren to survive? I don’t think so! survive
    Faith is ACTION. If we don’t so this, its all lost.


  4. While most people might see a sour economy as a mountainous barrier to success,the true entrepreneur sees the opportunities,and navigates the passes through to the other side.Even in economic downturs,those with vision,and drive can thrive.This expression applies to nations/economic zones as well.The Eurozone needs to re-order its priorities and shifts attention to a manufacturing based economy.The problem of the eurozone has become a great advantage to some developing countries,notably Brazil and India,which have manipulated the crisis in the European market to entrench themselves in the world market through their manufacturing products.Germany remains the harbinger of the Eurozone,simply because of its manufacturing capabilities.


  5. The Eurozone is largely service-based,but the state of a nation’s manufacturing base(it’s size and competitiveness)is the most important determinant of its prosperity.Some may ask :how about countries like Switzerland and Singapore,which have become rich through services,like finance,tourism and trading;don’t they show the viability of service-based prosperity?
    Actually,they show the exact oppossite.Others may say that the truth is complicated.Japan,anothe place where prosperity has been built on making(and exporting)things,has stagnated for 20years.And while China’s boom has owed much to manufacturing,India has been enjoying a largely service-based surge.Some economies that had seemingly come to rely on financial services,such as America’s and Britain’s,have struggled since.Meanwhile,Germany,a manufacturing power,almost written off a few years ago,has performed strongly,and China,the world’s workshop,has continued to clock up giddying growth rates.Definitely,making things is the basis of economic prosperity!


  6. Pareciera un juego más de los países Poderosos, entre los que cuenta las migraciones.
    No hay duda que se juegan grandes mejor grandazos, intereses. Luego de conseguidos la lucha nuevamente surgirá inmisericorde.


  7. I come from England. I remember when they thought up the Common Market. I hated the idea. We are an island and I was right they have done nothing for us and just push us around. The euro will fall and hopefully we will leave the common market and no longer be bossed by people who know nothing about the uk.
    Susan Oliver owner of A Fun Gift Shop


  8. The problem in paper money is : It not money, it just paper equivalent to certain amount of precious metal.

    Paper money = (Real Money +interest )* another interest (IMF) *another interest (bank loan).

    This is Arithmetic, with time (t)= wait for bombshell or bailout from goverment.