What do you wish you had 300 off?

Topic #300:

In celebration of our 300th topic, here’s a 300 themed suggestion:

What do you wish you had 300 of?

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  1. I almost said “people to help me pack and move”, but even 30 would be too much ;- In my life, I could use 300 pieces of new clothing that actually fit, don’t have stains, and are in one coordinated “Jeannee” style, and not a mishmash of “well this is from that time period and these are from then”! It wouldn’t even have to be from some high-end place like Boston Proper (altho that would be nice!) – Dots is fine! – as long as everything FINALLY FITS!!!


  2. 300 . . . wishes. Real ones.
    300 . . . million-dollar bills. Although I don’t think those are real. Are one-thousand dollar bills real? I’d settle for 300 of those.
    300 . . . houses. So I could be a slum lord.


  3. Beautiful …peoples, souls, places, spaces, sights, sounds, experiences, weather, composition.. beautiful beautiful anything..