How do you know when you’re wrong?

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How do you know when you’re wrong?

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  1. When confronted with evidence that proves me my position to be untenable.

    Unfortunately for the sort of people discussed in yesterday’s post (creationists, climate denialists, homeopathists) what they usually do is appeal to conspiracy or lash out.

    Some people just do not like you challenging their beliefs and prejudices.


  2. It takes a while for the big things; I know right away for the little things. And then,sometimes the big things that seem wrong at the time turn out to be not so wrong after all. I guess it’s the same with the little things. Even when things seem wrong, keeping a good thought can bring out the right in a wrong. Unless I was mean to someone.


  3. I know I’m wrong when someone asks me..”why” and I don’t immediately have a response. Usually, if I have to hesitate, it means I’m not confident or wholly sure; probably meaning I’m wrong.


  4. My wife tells me (all the time!).

    Seriously, “if it feels good, then it was most likely right, if it feels bad, then maybe you need to check it out?”



  5. I don’t know . . . I’m never wrong.

    I keed. I know I’m wrong when I have this sick, hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach . . . this usually means I’m wrong about something big, something bad I did to someone.


  6. I KNOW deep down inside…when the my heart almost touches the bottom of my cold stomach and my mind looks for excuses to justify what I said or did. The School of Indian Philosophy has various treatises on ‘knowing oneself’ as well as dealing with guilt and further, repentance-I have benefited from such studies/practices as a part of the tradition in my family-Its quite liberating.


  7. How do I know when I am wrong? I try not to do anything that is wrong. There was a time when I didn’t give to much consideration to words said but today I think before I speak and I am always trying my very best to treat people like I want to be treated.


  8. The best way to be wrong is to do the same and expect things to change…

    So… That’s how I know if I’m wrong.

    Wrong has a different meaning for mainstream people and mavericks, you know? There is perhaps no “universal wrong”.