Happy Halloween and Hello NaNoWriMo 2011!

National Novel Writing Month 2011 begins at midnight. Are you participating this year? If you’ve participated before, have any tips to share?

Remember to tag your posts with nanowrimo2011 if you want to make it easy for others to check out your NaNoWriMo updates and/or novel progress. To see what other participants are up to, you can browse the nanowrimo2011 tag pages at http://en.wordpress.com/tag/nanowrimo2011.

Lastly, congratulations to our Post a Day/Week participants who have made it through month ten! Good luck this November! Whether or not you’ll be working on a novel, we’ll keep the daily prompts coming.

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  1. can’t find where the instructions are? does one POST the day’s writing each day as you write the novel? seems far to much to expect anyone to read – how much a day? what is intended length – a short 20,000 words or 80,000? bit confused.


    1. NaNoWriMo is basically a personal challenge. You’re challenging yourself to write a story that’s at least 50,000 words. No one reads what you write (unless you choose to post it somewhere or something, that’s entirely up to you).


    2. You don’t post it on the NaNo site, but they *do* have a handy-dandy word counter. Like the above said, it’s a 50,000-word personal challenge (roughly 1,666 words a day) to write a novel.

      It doesn’t matter how weird or silly or unpublishable you think it is; they emphasize quantity over quality at this point. (It should be noted that December is National Novel Editing Month, a chance to go back and edit what you wrote so that it makes more sense, etc.)

      Really, it’s a very common writing exercise, and is meant to just get people writing freely and creatively, without worrying too much about *what* they’re writing. 🙂


  2. Register on the sight and ***find a local NaNo support group!!!*** That is the one thing I’ve always neglected to do, and while I *do* come up with some interesting ideas, I’ve never come CLOSE to finishing!

    I’m hoping that having accountability and support from other NaNites will help me *tremendously!*


  3. I am doing the PostADay2011(since August) and NaNoWriMo. Not sure if I can make it but am going to give it a try. I am using Scrivener software (the 30day free trail) to help me keep track of things. I am nervous but I believe I can make it!