Do this experiment to generate a post idea

Topic #279:

Sometimes you can make a topic appear out of nothing at all. Do the following.

  1. Make sure you are somewhere safe.
  2. Guess how long you can keep your eyes closed.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Start counting.
  5. See how long you can go.
Write about any or all of:
  1. How close your guess was to your actual performance.
  2. What thoughts did your mind wander to while you were counting?
  3. Did you feel any fear? Why or why not?
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  1. I could close my eyes forever but I only did it for two minutes and all I could think of was seeing my boyfriend and bringing him lunch . I did not feel fear . Probably because I am in a quiet place .


  2. LOL If I do this in the early morning, when I’m at my creative ‘peak’, I wonder how many times I’ll fall asleep?


  3. I fell asleep. 😦

    Okay, seriously, I did try it . . . my mind wandered and I began imagining that I had taken my car to the quarter-mile drag strip . . . I need to do this in the real world.


  4. I counted to 400 , surprised that I didn’t lose count any earlier even though there were other thoughts coming in an out and then i got bored and lost count. also at the point I had a freakout, a reminder of a recent unpleasant exchange with a landlord . I thought it was going to end with something pleasant, a peace or a solution of some kind, not a freakout!


  5. 130 Maybe that’s miles per hour at Bonneville! I can imagine that and may make that a goal for next year. Once one drives that quickly, he or she, can join the 130 MPH club. Might sound like an interesting project.
    Ahh active meditation E.


  6. i always do this if i want to clear my mind, to relax, at first it was dark with a light spot in the middle then it become clear like you see everything around you even though your eyes are close.