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A writer’s love of writing does motivate us in the long-term, yes. But the dirty little secret is that sometimes writers need a little kick in the butt to get us motivated in the short-term, during the day-to-day battles of the long-long-long drawn out war.

I’m not saying we can live without passion and love for our art. Yes, love is a good solid base for our writing careers, but it is our capacity to utilize tools for self-motivation that keeps us building on that strong base.

We writers have to be REALLY good at motivating ourselves because sometimes we’re the only ones around to motivate… ourselves.

Here are several methods that I have found helpful:

1. Reward Yourself For Trying

2. Don’t Place A Goal On When You’ll Receive Your Worth

3. Be Flexible With Your Writing Schedule

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  1. It was a good article. One of the best things I find is to just follow the inspiration. I sit down with pen in hand and write whatever comes into my mind without thinking to much about it. If you spend to much time processing it the words won’t come.


  2. Love this post. I’m enjoying following your blog. Your posts remind me, every day, that there’s no real reason for NOT writing…. 🙂

    Peace, Love and Pomegranates


  3. It really is a pain to write. I guess it’s hard for me because I like to focus on random scenes where characters are interacting but I can’t seem to get that scene in a story. So I guess I’m trying to tinker with developing characters instead of developing the story. I don’t know. Inspiration is easy. Buckling down and writing is the painful part…


  4. Hi, Nancy. I had a great experience the other day. I’ve wanted to be a writer but could never think of anything that people would be interested in. But I just started writing something about my visits with my grandmother. I couldn’t stop. She was an incredible person and taught me many of the things I learned as a child. It may not be a best seller but it will help my grandchildren know their German great grandmother who left Russia to come to the US to live in a dugout. She bore her first child that died a week later because of the conditions; she then lived in a house made of sod bricks, and later traveled in a covered wagon across the country. She knew hard times and lived and worked hard to survive. She, herself, was the first born of 11 children. Her parents had 5 more children die in infancy or at a young age. When I think about these people, I am so grateful and it makes me get up and move and try to accomplish something each day.
    I think often about Nevada, about Elko, about our high school days, and about my friends. I picture you on your ranch, writing. Send me something sometime. Love ya. Donna Peterson Brown


  5. SOOOOO so VERY true!!! I love writing, and I’m working on one story I want to get finished by the end of the year. I started it in FEBRUARY!!! In other words, I feel your pain. Life has its own set of distraction and while the internet is a blessing, in certain ways, in other ways, it’s a monumental distraction!
    What I have started doing is writing in a proper notebook…yup that thing full of paper and a for real pen (gels are my favorites!) and scribble out my thoughts for the day. If those thoughts stick with me, I translate them to my blog. I should make more of an effort to be CONSISTENT.
    One book I recommend is Stephen King’s On Writing. Where most books on the subject are bone dry, Steve mingles his building writing career with stories about his family, his addictions and how he got through them. He’s been ‘in the trenches’ and so he’s earned the right to give advice. More importantly, as someone who’s ‘been there, done that’, his advice is not only easy to take, it’s FUN to read, whether we take it or not.


  6. 10 things to motivate yourself is
    that things are depends on u on which background u have if u are a engineer technology will motivate u
    or generally talks for a man
    1)think about Ur mom and kindness her love motivate u
    2)think about Ur dad he will always motivate u
    3)think about Ur child hood success stories
    4)think about Ur wife and her love it will gives u more
    5)think about Ur first earning after education
    6)think about all things happened first time Ur life and u will be proud of them
    7)think about Ur best friend he always motivate u
    8)think about great things happened in world just like independence day of Ur country
    9)think about the country solders of a country who will be blindly committed to Ur country
    10)Last thing is be proud on yourself that is the main thing in Ur life do what ever but proudly


  7. do you think i have the skill & motivation?
    With Limited English (My Love)

    I felt the same rush in my heart and soul in every inch of free cell in my body, as I was first fed by my mother when I came to this hollow space, when they told me you’re coming towards me

    My wait has been never ending to feel the same rush again

    These days the winds which are walking ahead of you, talk to me and feed me with the affirmation of your arrival.

    Please don’t delay my love….

    promises are made by the mother of weathers to calm down as calm as; your footstep which would touch the layers of quite waters and still they would stay calm without forming any tiny ripples of waves

    The trees, plants and flowers are going to dance from the time they get the message from the perfumer’s garden, where the flowers survived drinking perfume for years, and when u walk on them

    The birds would talk and sing to you even at my absence

    I’m waiting for you my love

    Stones are baring the sun more then ever to shine for you, to sparkle your beauty with ruby and jewels when you walk the narrow path through my gate, where the trees died and gathered like a emperors doorway, only waiting for you to push it open

    Horses and animals would stay guard to you, and listen only to your voice which might flow like the falls which has infinite soft curves

    Its taken a life time for me waiting for you, now I want to be wealthy only for a purpose

    Please be my purpose my love