Invent a new Olympic sport

Topic #259:

Invent a new Olympic sport. Take two sports you like and combine them into a single event. Describe the rules for how the game will be played.

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  1. hmm Kindly give me more time to contemplate 🙂 my favorite sports are figure skating and synchronized swimming…kinda hard to combine…
    thanks for kindling my mind to be creative and be wild to launch a new Olympic sports…
    will be back here later… 🙂


  2. Hm. I like paintball and football. To clarify, I like playing paintball and watching football. To combine the two . . . I guess the object would be to get the football (or some sort of ball) up an obstacle- and barrier-filled field, while avoiding being shot by the opposing team. If you are shot, you have, let’s say, five seconds to give the ball to another teammate, either by passing or kicking, or the other team gets the ball. One point scored for each goal, seven points wins the game?
    This actually sounds intriguing. I may have to work further on this.


  3. I am not much of a sport person , but I like bowling and rollerskating. I guess bowling and rollerskating is not really an Olympic sport. Play bowling on roller-skates. The object of game keep your balance while rollerskating without falling down,or getting three gutter-balls per play. There are three chances per play. Scoreboard have eight places: the winner is the individuals,or team who score 100 more or gets three strike within the first hour of bowling.


  4. Estando tan en boga, el Basketbol y el Futbol; trataré hacer llegar una especial Propuesta, a la FIFA para que el Futbol no se esté haciendo monótono, por el contrario se modifique las puntuaciones para hacerlo más emocionante. (Romper la posesión del Campeón, sólo entre dos o tres equipos)