When you need quiet time, where do you go?

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When you need quiet time, where do you go?

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  1. Can I be my usual awkward self? OK then I will be. Because of having both physical & mental health problems I spend most of my time by myself in my room…don’t get me wrong, not being anti social; though there’s nothing wrong with that either if that’s who you are…I still need my time out though, even from myself! Infact I think we all need more down time from ourselves than others! Let’s face it we cause ourselves more aggro than others! So, my down time is having a very long shower followed by an “at home” beauty day. The whole lot…all done by myself except for my nails, my daughter does those for me as my hands shake too much. I’ll shut up now…oh yes I also like to write as down time! Be it on PC, snail mail, even “to do” lists, just love writing!


  2. This morning, because I had the time, I sat in People’s Park and watched the sun on the lake. The worst thing that happened to me was that the wind blew my coat onto the ground.
    I know that could all have changed in an instant.
    But today it was just fine to shed a few undefined tears and to smile … just for today…


  3. Most of the time is quiet so I don’t need a special place. Some times when I need a spot to be creative I come up stairs to my bedroom where there aren’t as many distraction. As to quiet time it is mostly me and my animals in the house. I usually try to get away from outside distractions. I am a empty nester so sometimes I have to turn music on back ground noise.


  4. Anywhere in the house… my room or the living room.. I’ll put some tunes on & viola. But I guess my favorite place to be alone.. would be on the freeway with some music on. I am driving but that doesn’t stop my mind from wandering and don’t worry I put as much attention to the road as I should be 🙂 It’s especially wonderful if the scenery is beautiful and my iPod happens to play the perfect song to match the perfect view. That’s just me.


  5. Several places, but my favorite is by far the mountains for a nice drive, a hike, and a bit of writing time. If that’s not possible, then a coffee or book shop actually do quite well. If that’s not possible, then some time in my shower or a bath will suffice. At least for a little while.