Write your bucket list

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Write your bucket list – a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

If you find this topic banal, come up with 5 new euphemisms for dying.

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  1. A good friend of mine told me once: Imagine if you were told you have one year to live. What would you want to do? Then imagine if you had 6 months? One month? It helped me assess where I was, what I wanted, and who I wanted to be with. Do I have a “bucket” list? Not really. There are places to visit. Piles of books to read, at least 3 lifetimes worth of recipes untried, collections of knitting patterns (and a closet of unused yarn), and of course all the books that haven’t been published.. yet. But I guess if I died tomorrow, I hope people around me would say I was lucky to have been able to share themselves with me. Make any sense?


  2. I think I’m probably the only person who doesn’t have a bucket list. I’ve seen other lists and absolutely none of it makes me want to do anything. Even though it’s a nice idea to visit the pyramids or stonehenge or make it to Machu Picchu, if the money was ever there, I really don’t see myself doing it. Even doing something local like visiting the grand canyons isn’t really all that fun. Just feels like more trouble than its worth. :p


    1. Hey JS,

      Is there something that you like to do? Doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to visit a place or eat something different. Maybe it can be a goal, like land a specific job in your career field or just write a book of quotes that you think make no sense. A bucket list is meant to be something that you yourself want to do not that anyone makes you want to do it.

      I myself would not want to visit Machu Picchu but I would like to one day visit Germany. It is also in my bucket list to one day live in DC because it is my favorite part of the US. Oh by the way, I would also like to pet a real shark, not nurse sharks. Those things [nurse sharks] are pretty much harmless to me.

      What would you like to do?


  3. My bucket list

    Around the world trip
    Skydiving solo over the cost-line
    Climbing the Himalayan in India
    Writing a novel

    By the way this list is for now only.. next week there will be more.. so the main thing I guess on my list is..
    Is Never to stop looking forward for tomorrow .. enjoying my today .. teaching from my yesterday


  4. I’m working on my second bucket list. When I met my husband and he discovered the tatered, dogeared, scrap of paper I’d been carrying around in my wallet – the first list – he made it his mission to see that I got to cross every item off. And he did it! The biggy was flying into the Grand Canyon in a helicopter.


    1. Well, Cheryl. Here’s the deal: You hand me your husband and I’ll hand you my boyfriend. He treats me right, but I need to fly to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. Thanks(: haha!


  5. My bucket list is
    1. Spend more time in God’s presence.
    2. Walk 10,000 steps per day consistently.
    3. Keep my kitchen table clear of clutter.
    4.Learn how to use my photoshop program.
    5. Learn how to down load my photos from my cell-phone.
    6. Take a vacation just to sight see and take photos.


  6. Too many to put on a list. I do know that I am already doing things for others and for myself,too. But here are some places I’d like to visit: Madrid, Italy, London, Israel, and Paris again.

    My memoir needs to be written and I want my book for children to be illustrated ready for publication. I mean to present to an agent or publisher.


  7. there is so much I want to do before I kick the buket. I want to go to space and see the earth from up there. Seriously…..
    I would invent something that would help mankind.


  8. To even have a bucket list is to say your life is unfulfilled … somewhat.
    One can list 10 things right now, and if told tomorrow later that they have 6 months to live, that bucket list would change. Now there is a new bucket list; and if informed the next day that they only have a month I am sure that bucket list would change.

    The secret to the Bucket List, is to not have one.
    Live life
    Love yourself and others
    Laugh at yourself
    Do what you can while you can
    Nobody knows the day; or hour; or when; or how they will die … just think, it just might be one of the items on the Bucket List.


  9. Okay, I have a Bucket, but I don’t really work on it… some things are a bit big and take a longer time to finish.
    Maybe I should make a short-term-bucket?
    On the other hand, nothing in my life was ever planned or percieved more than a few months (or days…minutes) prior to the event…. See, I don’t really think things through, I just decide and do…..When I do think things through, reason comes by and says: “are you F’ng out of your mind?!?!?!”

    Anyway… here it is


  10. Heart this topic! There are so many things!

    Become an Entrepreneur.
    Live without any boundaries-“dare to live”
    Move to Los Angeles and live near the beach
    Visit Australia
    Become Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
    Purchase a home
    Eliminate majority of debt
    Learn about family ancestry