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Some people keep notebooks. Others keep lists. One type wants to remember; the other wants to forget. What’s not clear is who’s happier for all the scribbling. Confessions of a list-aholic.

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  1. I have always been a list maker and a journal writer. I write things down and then I can often see them clearly and sometimes that puts things in a new prespective. It seems if I write things down I am more apt to remember them. I do throw the list away when completed and sometimes put items from the old list onto a new list. Writing things down is a habit I acquired in childhood and it has stuck with me.


    1. I love to write things down. I usually don’t write outlines, I write lists. I love checking things off. It gives a great feeling of satisfaction.
      I also have an all-purpose notebook I use all the time. it’s sort of like my journal, but a lot of times I draft and edit poems in it. One notebook lasts about a month.


  2. I can super relate to this one though I’m not a daily list maker. But I don;t miss listing the things I should do for the whole month. It cool whenever I see those scrap papers with my lists on it. 😀


  3. I get stressed out if I don’t write a list every day! It helps me clarify and prioritise things that I need to do in my day/ week/ month etc. I get off on ticking things off and knowing I am getting somewhere…sad…I know! But hey…if it keeps my brain focused and stops it wandering into the black hole then I’ll happily continue to do it! Plus I’m studying full time, working full time, volunteering all while juggling a ‘full on’ boyfriend and trying to find a new job.