Write a story in just six words

Topic #227:

Hemingway once wrote a super short story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

What story can you write in six words?

Topic submitted by the 40Again blog.

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  1. Say, did you find that idea on MY blog??? J/K

    I have been posting a daily “6-word Memoir” on FB and Twitter after introducing the writing idea to Utah teachers. I used Hemingway’s poignant “story” as the prime example. Knowing it’s not good form to post links in comments, I want to share what some “teacher” examples. So forgive me, but here it is: http://wp.me/pv81p-Zo

    This month I’ve posted “50-word Fiction” EVERY day in August as part of WordPress’ AND NaBloPoMo’s challenge. (Their August theme is “fiction.”)

    Btw, I LOVE WP.


    1. Hemingway is one of my favourite writers. We discussed his work in creative writing class and his six word ‘masterpiece’ has stayed with me. I wondered what others would write so sent the suggestion to Scott.
      Thank you for the link to your blog, I look forward to reading it
      Best wishes


    2. rbs -thanks for your link. I am a beginning teacher and while on practicum was teaching creative writing and used the six word novel as a starter activity. Hemingway was my model for it and used the baby shoes to start discussion about what ideas/images came to mind. Then they had a turn at it – some very powerful examples came from them. You have inspired me to improve on the model 🙂


    1. Seven six-word stories that is, not seven words.

      This is a great idea for fiction writers, thanks!