5 easy ways to blog when you’re busy

1. Use a WordPress app to blog from your phone.

2. Publish posts by email with your phone.

3. Reblog a post you’ve liked.

4. Use Press This to share content from any website.

5. Post a photo or video if you don’t have time to write.

What are your favorite types of quick posts? Have any tips to share?

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  1. Great ideas! I’ve used the iPhone app a few times before..
    I also sometimes will write it beforehand and schedule it to post on the date I’ll be busy (to make sure I don’t lose my post a day challenge streak!)


  2. Tho, for the iPhone app.. really wish there was a way to read the blogs you follow on there… would be handy and easier to keep up with reading when you’re on the go!


  3. I also do a lot of “blog hopping” during my weekends, especially Sundays, when kids are in bed and ready for their Mondays… I like to do “tag surfing”, and find similar websites, and/or resourceful blogs, sharing ideas and impressions. Easy way to simply “re-blog” or based on a blog/post I really liked, write my own comments to the original ideas, linking them out or quoting the original post ideas, crediting the original blogger, of course!!! 😮


  4. i rely on the wordpress app on my droid. sometimes i have an idea and just need to hurry up and blog it and having it on my phone allows me to blog while waiting at appointments or when i’m just lying down in bed.


  5. I’ve been away from blogging for about a month and I missed it dearly when I started to blog again. I try to update daily but nowadays, a simple post and picture does for me 😛 I would like to try a video blog.. or “vlog” in the future.


  6. Write poetry, I haven’t seen much of this category.
    Here’s my latest:YOU THINK YOU KNOW THEM

    You think you know them
    For living with them so long
    But you have a big problem
    You found out you’re wrong

    They came from your genes
    Watching them romp in mirth
    They left you as has-beens
    Wondering about their birth

    Then they’ve become men and women
    They meet with problems and win
    You would see the real you only when
    And wish they had their parents in

    Friends and families you have many
    You gave them love with lullabies as they slept
    Then they treat you like the enemy
    Leaving you in winter so very cold as you wept

    In your job, firm or working place
    It maybe because of your revealed kith and kin
    Some just hate you cause of your race
    If it’s not your race it’s the colour of your skin

    You really think you know them
    But as grown ups you’re so disappointed
    Now you place them at the bottom
    For there’s a an ugly fly in their ointment


  7. Good jokes are my favorite quick posts, then pictures, next inspiring stories. I have also started re posting blogs I like on my blog or facebook page. . Often those are recipes, but inspiring personal stories are a close second. Plan to do more of this.


  8. Realmente as técnólogias estão chegando rápido dotadas de recursos
    inclusive para transferência de imagens e dados, com isso facilita nossos
    trabalhos dando até uma aparência melhor! aqui no WP.
    e me supreende com tantos recursos Obrigado pelo post.


  9. I’m blogging every day this month and it gets done b/c I’ve challenged myself to keep my posts to a 50-word maximum. In addition to cutting down posting time, it’s a great exercise for eliminating overworked adjectives and adverbs, thus making writing crisp.


  10. I have to admit that I don’t understand the ‘reblog’ purpose. What’s the point of copying someone else’s entry? Or am I missing something?


  11. My blog focuses mostly on reviewing movies. I’ve learned that I can do a mix of full reviews, or mini, or “fun-size” reviews. When I don’t have the time for a full review, I choose one of the shorter versions. : )


  12. My favorite types of quick posts is press this, WordPress app on my Blackberry & iPod, photo and video.


  13. I have recently downloaded wordpress application to I phone. I have never blogged before but keen to know that 1. how to follow someone on phone. to reblog the one which I have liked ? etc.. I hope these daily tips and your blog will help me to get familiar with wordpress.


  14. Five good ideas. I don’t have a phone to blog on. I have used a reblog from WordPress but don’t understand the copyright issues. Yes, I notified the blogger and she seemed happy to know I shared her post and links.

    Is there a copyright issue when I reblog or snip something from the Internet?


  15. If I feel the need to write, but am not near my computer to blog on here (I don’t have an IPhone, so have no way to use any apps), I vent via Notepad on my phone until I run out of things to say, then I transfer it to my WP blog later, by which time sometimes I’ll already be able to look at it that way reflectively, in retrospect, so to speak, because the stress and venting has already passed.