What one luxury do you refuse to live without?

Topic #211:

What’s one “luxury” you refuse to live without?

This topic suggested by Stef of the Smile kiddo blog.

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  1. I have to be able to keep clean. I know that sounds like a silly luxury, but you would understand if you’ve been to a few of the places that I have. There are more places without soap and clean water than with. Cable TV and Internet are all well and good, but to be able to wash the grim off is priceless.


  2. Gosh, I thought about this for 30mins…then came the light! Internet + pc, they have to be together, or I’ve just spent 30 wasted minutes thinking!

    My lap top + internet…otherwise I couln’t reply!!!


  3. Having access to good movies is a bit of a luxury. These days, we can watch films on the ‘net, Netflix and other instant streaming services, web sites devoted to independednt films, free public doamin films online, on demand, movie channels on cable TV including classic movies, multiplex theaters, film festivals, and here in my city, five (yes five ) art theaters. For someone who loves movies, it’s a movie buffet these days. I feel lucky. 🙂


  4. Hi! I refuse to live without a wifi connection. Wifi makes things more efficient and it makes my loved ones who are far away seem closer.



  5. I refuse to live without getting new manicure and pedicure weekly, going to the gym, running, washing and blow drying my hair everyday. I am addicted to coffee, i cannot survive a day without drinking at least one cup a day.


  6. Computer was also first thing I thought of.

    But – why the hell do I consider it a luxury, its like a goddamn hammer for a carpenter, or a guitar for Bruce Springsteen

    It’s a tool of goddamn trade – Im a Screenwriter dammit.

    Honestly, sometimes I totally don’t `get myself’

    So weird.



  7. Update. The Luxury I don’t want to be without for now, WordPress and Postaday2011. I can see my writing has improved by far after joining it. Its focus, its shaping. Yes, I can see how based on this progress, I am on my way to become a published writer, without suffering. I am stimulated everyday, whether I feel like it or not, to focus my thoughts, concerns, energies into a tiny post for the day. The posts are no longer tiny now. 🙂 Hurrah Postaday2011 challenge !


  8. I am amazed at the luxuries that I used to “refuse to live without” that I now never think of.

    The thing that comes to mind that I really need is a reasonably comfortable bed to sleep in. It gets more and more important as I get older as I tend to be useless without a decent night’s sleep. Perhaps this doesn’t seem like a luxury but when you consider the whole of mankind – it really is.