List the 5 most important books you’ve read

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List the 5 most important books you’ve ever read. Don’t think too much, just get a pen, or open a new post, and start listing books. When you’re done, go book and write a sentence or two about why each book ended up on your list. Do you think those books would have been more or less important had you read them at a different time in your life? Or would each one have effected you just as much regardless of when you read them?

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  1. The five most important books I have read are 1. The Bible (NIV)
    2. The Bible (MSG)
    3. The Lord is my Shepherd by Victor M. Parachin
    4. Traveling Light by Max Lucado
    5. Andrew Murray on Prayer by Andrew Murray.

    The first two book I have always read a lot. I also think that no other book can top them for me. they have seen me through a lot of stuff in this world.
    I don’t think the time difference would have made a difference.

    The last three I have read often in the last two years.
    I lost one of my daughter’s. She was not quite 38 and it came quickly. I have had to rely on these books a lot. I probably would not have found the 3rd. and 4th. book so important at another time in my life had I read them.
    I read lots of books.


  2. To Kill A Mockingbird,
    The Diary of Anne Frank, The Autobiography of Malcolm X,
    A Separate Peace, The Grapes of Wrath

    Book post coming in a day or so.


  3. 1. The Quran
    2. The Path of the Upright. – Mesillat Yesharim
    3. Lord of the Flies – William Golding.
    4. The Algebra of Infinite Justice – Arundhati Roy.
    5. Rumi’s The Big Red Book – Coleman Barks.


  4. 1. Master of the Game – Sidney Sheldon
    2. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
    3. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
    4. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
    5. How to Simplify Your Life by Tiki Kustenmacher

    The first two are for entertainment purposes. However part of the story added new beliefs in my life.. The last three are my guide…


  5. 1. The Bible – Daily. For the way it crafts the psyche of the reader.
    2. Sidranski. Growing up Hearing in a Deaf World – Annually. Stunningly exquisite writing, a writer’s dreambook come true. Like a ballet…
    3. Agee. A Death in the Family – Exquisite writing “textbook”, again.
    4. Grisham. Skipping Christmas – A darling book. Taught me to like Grisham, after all. A humor how-to.
    5. Hunt. A Woman Rides the Beast – A great wake-up.


  6. The Razor’s Edge, Somerset Maugham
    I realized there was a different way of being

    The Quiet American, Graham Greene
    Well, I love most all of what Graham Greene has written, but this book was influential because it was the first book I read about the Vietnam War, and being a child of that war I needed to know something. This book lead me on a journey of understanding how the war affected me and children in general

    No Self, No Problem, Anam Thubten
    I’ve read many books about different spiritual traditions. I find this book brilliant. With this book there’s no need for another.

    To The Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf
    Virginia Woolf has been influential in my own writing. This is a brilliantly written book.

    Honored Guest, Joy Williams
    Joy Williams’ stories may often be dark, but also humorous about the follible of life. Her writing leaves me stunned. She is a master at her work.


  7. Okay, I know this is a brainless question, but I don’t know what a pingback is? I figure such well read folks can tell me just what a pingback is, how I get one, how I give one, in their favorite author’s voice, or just your plain old typing. Thanks for catching me up to the 21st century!


  8. I am not a book reader, but if you ask me what magazines or articles I read then that would be different!
    There are 3 books on my list though…
    1) The bible, still haven’t finished it, but always reading it. Does that count?
    2) The bible concordance.
    3) Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Finished it and agree with a lot it says!


    1. Reading books??? Its nice but seriously can’t mention! Cox if readers where 2 be given prices I’ll be d one wit d best award!!


  9. i have read quite a lot of books, some of them tend to leave a mark in you. Its quite contextual if u ask me. i read depending on my mood and my mood tends to sway as i read a book. so, it is a joy ride…


  10. ~The hunger games- it was my first favorite book I read and it was suspense-thrilling. One if the best
    ~Catching fire (book 2^)- second fave book. I liked it a lot and I would always read it again
    ~Mockingjay (book 3^)- third fave: action-packed with more thrills to come. U get to reading and u literally can’t stop!
    ~Where the red fern grows- it’s really good but when you get to reading it and towered the end it’s sad.
    ~twilight- not the best and not my fave. It didn’t thrill me all that much and I didn’t understand it.