What’s the smartest thing you’ve heard this week?

Topic #153:

What’s the smartest thing you’ve heard this week? (Lets try to take a positive twist after yesterday’s negative topic).

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  1. The smartest thing I have heard this week is that Giving is very inportant in our lives and when we give and help ,the happiness and satisfaction we feel inside our hearts is amazing .Whenver we give its a must that we wil get something as a reward from GOd and its His promise .Sometimes we cant see that reward which we get back from that giving act we did but that reward is there in any beautiful aspect.We need to feel it and that feeling is so beautiful that one wants to give more.


  2. It was not the smartest thing I’ve heard this week, but it may be the smartest thing I will ever hear and it is complete common sense. Check it out in my latest post.


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  4. “ACEPTA los riesgos, toda la VIDA no es sino una OPORTUNIDAD; el hombre que llega más lejos es, EL QUE QUIERE Y SE ATREVE A SERLO”


  5. That’s a tough one and just goes to prove that you hear more negative stuff that positive – just pick up any newspaper and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

    So, what’s the most positive thing I’ve heard today…

    “You have two choices, both are simple, you either work at what you do to be successful or sit back and watch the work you have already done become unsuccessful.” Friend giving supportive advice on the state of my little business.

    As difficult as it may seem at times, especially when you are a one-man-band, motivation must come from within, even when other elements work against you.

    I thought it was good positive advice, so I’d better get my backside back to editing web pages 🙂


  6. Justamente o post que escrevi sobre o Pássaro Beija-Flor, no meu blog.
    Não importa a idade que temos, por nunca sabermos tudo, a cada dia aprendemos algo de novo. Mas com esse post pude fazer um alerta sobre o bebedouro para os pássaros.
    Vale a pena conferir!
    Abraços a todos!


  7. The smartest thing I have heard this week is “What God has put together, Let no Man separate.”


  8. I learn to practice work as hard as i can. It does not a matter how the feed back and benefits will return back. I do my job as good as i can whether the work place superior look into it or not. but then man up us will always look in to our movement and activities. In this way i feel calm and free of anger.


  9. The smartest thing I heard this week is a young man, about to be married, asked his future father-in-law how to have a successful marriage. The older man thought for a moment and eventually said: “Agree, agree, agree!”