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When I started writing seriously (not just for fun but with the intention to be published) I discovered that there are around 5,000 new books published in the USA every month – 60,000 a year. And that’s just one country. If we add in all the books from Poland, Brazil, Australia, Germany, India, Iran, China and every other country, we’re going to have quite a few books a year – something approaching a grazillion books a year. Then, added to that, are the 15 heptagrazillion books already published – that people are still reading – and we have something over 35 metaheptagrazillion books out there … and the pile is getting bigger by the minute!

I was overwhelmed. What is the chance of standing out in that crowd, huh? Actually, the odds are a metaheptagrazillion to one – not good odds at all.

Excerpted via How Do Writers Write? Rule # 5 – Persistence | The Write Site.

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  1. I’m very new to WordPress and to see someone has taken my words … no, an excerpt of my words, out of context … was quite a shock. Maybe I should be flattered but, until I work out what this website is about, I’ll just remain confused.
    Philip Bradbury


    1. Somehow I got the idea that the person who posted these excerpts was the same person who wrote the articles–I stand corrected! I agree this excerpt does not do justice to the tone of the article it references…Read the original–it is inspiring! 🙂
      Thanks, Mr. Bradbury, for pointing this out.
      –Sheila 🙂


    2. Hi Phillip – how odd that I keep ‘bumping’ into you one way or another! And how odd that I was reading your own blog this morning on a rare day off and becoming inspired when I decide to reinstate my WordPress account after many months – and here you are again! 🙂 I too am navigating my way around the site but unless I am mistaken I am not sure your words were taken out of context? As far as I can see the writer is simply looking for help and as happened upon your site and taken a thread that appeals to her? Or maybe i am just naive 😉 Having visited your site myself this morning I am impressed – not least with the fact you did not leap on me with advice and direction when I mentioned my feeble attempts at completing my adoption research! Perhaps there is still time……:-) Y.


  2. I gave up on the dream of being published 30 years ago and I quite writing. Now that I have my first computer I’m having fun in the groups I joined. Now that I’ve started a blog on wordpress I’ll need to contemplate on writing again with no delusions of being published. Although Krisp Magazine published two of my poems online last week. As long as I’m having fun at it and people enjoy reading my poetry I’ll keep on writing.
    Bonnie Gail Carter


  3. Eu sou bastante persistente e teimosa, escrevo sempre no meu blog mesmo muito cansada. Não posso parar em respeito aos meus queridos leitores.
    Abraços Mina!


  4. Luckily, nothing really depends on chance. I don’t have to beat a metaheptagrazillion to one odds to get published. It isn’t about getting lucky. It’s about overcoming the obsticles. Your title does say something about persistence…