Who should you be remembering today?

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Who should you be remembering today?

Bonus: In the U.S. today is memorial day, a holiday started after the Civil War to remember people who served. Decades later, under the Uniform Holidays Bill, Memorial day moved to be on a Monday to create three day weekends. Do you think this helps people remember the meaning of the a holiday, or dilutes it?

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  1. Today I should be remembering a boy from years ago. A little boy with golden hair and china blue eyes which shone with mischief and love. We were born too far apart to ever become close. Yet I cared about you, hoped for you and tried to be the best that I could be. She came between us, with her petty jealousy and spoilt the bond between us, she poisoned the air till there was nothing I could do to change it. Time has gone on and we hardly speak, your boys have grown up strong and tall, your Lady ever there.
    If you read this and can tell……..Happy Birthday my dearest Brother. I am thinking of you.


  2. Sad day. Always the story of my dad’s entire platoon taking a direct hit in the South Pacific and the letters he had to write to their families. They remained always 19 and 20 year olds to him. All of us kids were forbidden to ever join the military. Dad saw no glory in war. Only tremendous waste. Even of those who survived.


  3. a woman !!!!!!y….a woman!!!!!she drove me crazy n always in my mind.she is the most beautiful thing in the word so i can’t forget her until i close my eyes…


  4. Hoje dia memorial, me sentir no dever de compartilhar meus sentimentos
    juntamente ao povo comunidades envolvidas, e seus ilustres
    representantes.todos Heróis das três forças. familiares, e amigos. Nossa
    grande fé em Deus vai consolar cada um, Eu estive em um orfanato pela
    manhã,onde inúmeras crianças brincavam em frente ao refeitório, um
    garoto pegou em minha mão, puxou-me para quadra e exclamou ! vem
    jogar ! eu estranhei a bola um pouco diferente, mas importante que participei , Eu com 56 anos jogando, eu via crianças entre 10 e 13 Anos
    jogo predileto de nossos aliados.Eles não queriam que eu fosse embora
    eu fui, mas feliz por eles , Neste dia memorial embora com o coração triste
    mas no momento não demonstrei. e nenhum deles presenciou as lágrimas
    que rolaram no meu rosto na minha ida, mas na certeza que voltaria a visitá-los novamente diariamente , mesmo velho ter a oportunidade de
    comemorar suas vitórias, e ter o prazer de Saudar meus verdadeiros Heróis.

    Deus é de abençoar todos nós,
    meus mais sinceros Sentimentos, e respeito.


  5. Although I don’t live in America , I will remember all those men , women & children who lost their lives because of american war on terror .
    30,000 Pakistanis civilians & Military personals lost their lives from 2001 to 2011.


  6. people should remember the men and women fallen and ones still here who have fought for this country and have put themself on the line for what ever our gov send them on mission of


  7. No body has right tobreak my heart. Its my heart. I have to take care of it. I dont let others to interfere in it. By the way i will save my i can walk on the street without any appearance of shadow .so no enemy and no revenge….. hahaha..!


  8. My former M.D who kicked the bucket few year ago. All of sudden, the defendant of his staffs life like disaster like. His disappearance made our life like in a cloudy sky. He had never done prober legal agreement and structure of management. Every single thing has collapsed like tsunami. Right or wrong i will remember him every morning before i start to work. The way he treat us like independent staff s without interfering unnecessarily. We can work like free of mind. We fill like homely -safety in his management. Now he is no where. But I feel like he is everywhere in our nature of work