If your house were on fire, what would you grab first?

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Not that we want anything to happen to your home. As far as we know its perfectly safe and nice. But if it did, and you only had a minute to run in and grab some things, what would you take?

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  1. There was a fire drill that we didn’t know of late last year in our building, I totally grabbed for my important documents and yes I was definitely leaving the laptops and some valuables which I only laugh at that it would have been left behind! 😀

    This question reminds me of the movie “Leap Year”!


  2. Tigger! Our tabby.

    Time permitting ~ purse, wallet, flash drive, address book, account information and passwords, and . . . a box of tissues.


  3. Oramos a nosso eterno Deus para não acontecer , se Deus permitir, eu
    salvaria primeiramente minha familia, esposa e filhos, já que tenho um
    tempo muito curto para salvar objetos pessoais, eu ficaria muito sentido
    pelos materiais de estudos, Livros, Documentos, vestuários e outros.

    Caro Amigo Instrutor, Eu também não desejo situação de incêndio para
    nenhum de nós , é um tema difícil para nós responder, principalmente
    para muitos que já sentiram esta passagem , é muito difícil!

    Deus lhes guardem .


  4. We often discuss this at home and always say after the people it’s the pictures. I have tons- framed, blown up, in albums- it’s a gorgeous and priceless record of our lives.


  5. My macbook. The hardrive contains my entire existence, may family life, my thoughts and feelings in digital form. Wow, this question has made me realise that all I need is the hardrive built into my body and I won’t need a computer. I am one step away from living my life as a cyborg. On a positive note, if I did have a built-in hardrive, at least I won’t need to grab anything if my house was on fire. I could just walk out and pretend someone else had left the chip pan on too long.


  6. É terrivel essa pergunta, procuraria salvar todos aqui em casa, documentos, e algum dinheiro.
    Prefiro nem pensar é triste demais, trabalhar a vida inteira e perder tudo?
    Abraços Mina!


  7. Identity document opens opportunities in South Africa. If you do not have one you may struggle to claim from insurances and paybacks for your burnt materials.


  8. the second most valuable thing to grab in my house can be my notebook, however, most of the infomation stored in it is also stored somewhere else not in my house. so it will be safe in terms of the information to be recovered.


  9. I survived a house fire in 1976 by diving out of a second-story window – about 15 feet up – to escape the flames and smoke. There was no thought of what to grab. My only thought: following the voice of a friend who escaped out another window and stood outside calling me so I would jump. Escaped with third degree burns over 20% of my body and hair that melted together. But thanks to my friend – am alive!