Write about something you see

Topic #125:

1) Stand up 2) Turn to your right 3) Count objects you see, and stop at #3. 4) Write about whatever item #3 is.

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    1. Seriously? I’m like dying to know what is written on that survival guide. Does it ask to run as fast as possible? 😀


  1. I see my mother and my foreign exchange student conversing about drawing. We are all watching Scrubs too! (: great show by the way


  2. Fabulous instructions … new post will be published at 8:51 a.m. on May 13. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend. Live. Look, Learn. Laugh. Klassi K.


  3. Oi Scott, estou no meu quarto, escrevendo a direita tem um armário embutido, ao lado tem um criado mudo alto, com abajur, relógio, telefone.
    Depois tem a minha cama de casal, estou sentada numa poltrona em frente da cama, com uma mesa pequena e o meu PC. Ao lado tem a janela e terraço.
    É isso acho que chega não?
    Abraços Mina!


  4. yeah, i don’t wanna do that. but i’ll tell you what i saw on several posts here and their comments. Many “bloggers” here take themselves way too serious. And i mean WAY TOO SERIOUS. Loosen up a bit.