Write about a mistake you can learn from

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On this day in 1863, General Stonewall Jackson died after having been shot by his own troops seven days earlier.

I doubt you’ve made a mistake that killed anyone, but whether you have or not, in honor of good old Jackson, write a short post about a mistake you made, or have read about, and a lesson you learned from it.

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  1. I have not written this but a thought just came to me. A Mistake I can learn from (I am on day off PAXIL – I need to blog this) ONE mistake was going on a SSRI medication for Depression years ago. Now I deal with side effects or what I call Detoxing…UGH


  2. Good ole’ stonewall – by the way, what is with the new numbered comment set up? Is this something that can be manually instated? Never seen it before.


  3. We should never say things that will hurt some ones feelings before thinking as I did the weekend of mother’s day, now that I look back on it truly it wasn’t such a big deal of what was asked of me to do but I reacted in the worst way ever. So I feel now that I’ve had time to reflectback on it how foolish selfish I was and would have given anything not to have acted in such a horrible way hurting others feeling


  4. Eu seria uma ¨Santa¨se não tivesse cometido erros, todos cometemos claro, que não matei, não roubei, nunca prejudiquei qualquer pessoa, errar infelizmente sim, faz parte da natureza humana!
    Não tem como não errar, eu até procuro mas não tem como.
    Abraços a todos!


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  6. Very simple concept should be familiar to every human – “Write about a mistake you can learn from”. It will create an Ambivant mental state in every blog reader & create (almost) a guaranteed response (even though response may be meaningless). Thanks a million for giving great but very simple strategies, to create a blog & get a definite (some) response.


  7. Our lives are full of mistakes some are just more memorable than other’s,
    like i should of left my husband the first time he cheated on me compared to i should of wore different shoes today…. people sometimes are consumed with their mistakes, and dwell too much on it when we all make them daily, when they are not mistakes they are learning curves….. As i tell the kids