You’ve now completed 33% of the challenge! Share your top 3 posts.

Congratulations on completing month four of the challenge! Since January, you guys have collectively published almost 150,000 posts!

To celebrate being thirty three percent done with Post a Day/Post a Week, share your top three favorite posts that you’ve published since starting the challenge.

Keep up the great work, everyone!

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  1. I’m not sure how to decide what my top 3 posts are; I’ve written 119 so far this year, I’m far from having an opinion on all of them! 😀 I know the three with the most hits are:
    1. Bonus Points For Honours Maths (237 views)
    2. Bones Vs. Castle (173)
    3. Irish Blog Awards 2011 (155)

    But there are others I probably like better than those. This whole blogging thing has brought me some great opportunities. I got to meet and interview the Taoiseach Enda Kenny (the Irish Prime Minister), interviewed the lead actress in a new Irish film (Snap) and was a finalist for Best Youth Blog at the Irish Blog Awards 2011. It’s all because I took part in this posting every day challenge! Yeah it’s been difficult but I can’t believe what this has done for me already – and we’re only 33% of the way there so far 😀


  2. Great topic! I look forward to seeing everyone’s favorites.

    Here are mine:

    January 1, 2011 — A candid shot of our New Years Eve gathering. I’m not very good taking candid photos, so I was pleased with how this one turned out.

    April 2, 2011 — my mom’s cat, Mary Alice. She’s still a kitten and I was determined to take her picture. Only problem? She wouldn’t sit still. I loved the look of the vintage suitcase and was determined to take the shot of her sitting IN the suitcase. But that didn’t happen. I snapped this when she paused for 2 seconds.

    March 21, 2011 — I’ve been trying to capture a moon shot for over a year. I purchased a new zoom lens to take on vacation to the coast. I didn’t know until I got to the beach that the Super Moon would be in view that Saturday night. This was my chance to try again, and I think I nailed it:


    1. It’s up to you – it can be how proud you are of the quality or the writing in your posts.


  3. It’s been challenging to take on this challenge and keep up with three other WordPress blog sites (as well as a blog with a New England newspaper) while working on a novel, a short story, and a newspaper article.
    I chose a group of posts on being discovered by a sister released for adoption, all found in my ADOPTION category, for my first favorite. My second was a photo/journalistic post, and my third told of a reader responding to a post. Then I listed the runner-ups in an ADDITIONAL READING section on the post, My Three Favorite Post a Day Posts: January through April 2011. Will I take on the challenge if you offer it in 2012? Probably. But first, I just have to get through the 2011 Posta a Day challenge!