Describe the worst driver you know

Topic #108:

Describe the worst driver you know.

Bonus: What do you do to avoid ever having to get in a car with them behind the wheel?

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  1. Hahaha I remembered my early days as driver and the terrified plead of my siblings that they will not come with me… seems a great inspiration for a post but I would be highlighting the best driver I was provileged to have been driven. Thanks Scott!


  2. The worst driver? The Multitasker. This is the person who thinks he’s such a good driver that he only has to partly pay attention to what he’s doing (of course, women do this too). He drives with one hand (or, fasten your seat belt, one finger) while talking on the cell phone, eating, putting a CD into the player, talking to the passengers in the back seat–facing them, or a a host of other equally inopportune activities that make me want to ask politely to please stop the car. I’ll take my chances on the bus.


  3. How about the text-n-driver? Sorry to state the obvious, but I mean seriously, when did humans begin to think that they could operate an enormous piece of machinery while typing on a tiny little device that is difficult to navigate in the best of circumstances, i.e. the auto-correct feature for spelling…um….sorry, but it’s never okay.


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  5. Sometimes it’s just better to drive yourself. My brother is terrible at driving and I would rather walk than let him take control.


  6. You want me to describe my wife’s driving in a public forum? Sorry, no death wish here!!! 😉


  7. Most Dubai drivers!

    Seriously, Dubai roads are among the most dangerous on the planet and you only have to drive here for ten minutes or so before you see why! We have over 100 different nationalities with at least 100 different driving rules, most of which get ignored. And a large number of drivers here come from places where the fastest moving thing on the roads is an ox cart! Then we have very young arrogant rich kids in high powered cars with more horsepower than they have braincells and beautiful new straight smooth roads broken up by areas of roadworks every couple of kilometres… it can be a very scary place!

    But some of the things drivers manage to achieve is really quite extraordinary – I’ve seen a car on its roof delicately balanced on the armco in the central reservation, wheels still spinning; I’ve seen a car 12 feet off the ground wedged between two palm trees; I’ve seen a paint truck on its side and thousands of gallons of white gloss paint flowing out over the motorway and drivers still speeding through it. Driving in Dubai certainly entertaining!


  8. O pior motorista é aquele que não obedece as leis do trânsito, dirigindo em alta velocidade. não respeitam pedestres, bebem e dirigem, e consomem drogas a vontade.
    E tem aqueles que se acham acima da lei, são cidadões que tem poder e nada acontece.
    É por essas e outras que pretendo parar de dirigir.
    Abraços Mina!


  9. We used to have an elderly next door neighbour, an amazing lady with a wonderful sense of humour. Every time I went shopping with her to help carry her bags, she would scare the hell out me by rushing so fast into a car park bay and saying “Wait for the bump” and then break suddenly. Every so often she would knock against another car and think nothing of it because “That’s what bumpers are for.” Um. Right. Scary.