Is nuclear energy a menace, or the future?

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Is Nuclear energy a menace? or the future? Should the recent events in Japan define how we think about nuclear power forever? Why or why not? Are there any major sources of power without risks or downsides?

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  1. I believe it will be part of the future as well as other alternative energy sources. Human consumption and need for energy will always supersede everything else. Nuclear energy is here to stay yet more needs to be researched on how to avoid what happened in Japan.


  2. Nuclear energy is the future and I’d live right down the street from the plant, as long as it isn’t in California. Technology has advanced, we have learned from the mistakes we and others have made.


  3. It’s the future. When the oil, coal and gas run out, and the electricity generated from renewable sources isn’t giving us the power we need to make a grilled cheese sandwich, we’ll all cry out for nuclear power.

    The thing to remember is that the nuclear power plant in Japan was damaged in pretty hardcore natural circumstances. How many others around the world have suffered the same problem?

    Personally I think wind and solar energy are worth the investment. Cover every scrap of desert with solar panels & install wind farms wherever they’ll be most beneficial.


  4. Não sou a favor das Usinas Nucleares, nunca fui, acho que elas são um perigo enorme para o mundo. Deveriam ser extinguidas no mundo todo.
    Basta ver o que ocorreu no Japão!.


  5. Nuclear energy will become outdated.
    The nuclear risk is beyond all imagination.
    All people living in town near the nuclear plant must evacuate.


  6. É um poste bem pensado, demonstra preocupação, com a Energia Nuclear .
    e seus efeitos como por exemplo: A radiação. esta área prefiro deixar para
    ser comentado por um pesquisador Científico nesta área.

    Eu sou a favor de Energias Renováveis , exploração de petróleo, pelos quais
    não põe em risco a população. nos traz benefícios para as nações.

    bom poste instrutor Scott .


  7. I am a member of the “duck and cover” crowd – meaning I remember pushing my chair back in my Los Angeles elementary school putting my head down and scooting my chair back towards my desk – as if my desk would protect my eight-year-old head and body from the likes of an atom bomb. Surely, I thought these issues would have reached some resolution by the 21st Century. But no, we continue to look upon the attainment of “ease and happiness as ends in themselves” or “Ideal[s] of a pigsty” (Einstein). For these ideals, we remain forever vigilant regarding any threats to our right to happiness. We go to war under the banner of threats to our right to own cars, cheap gas, cheap food, overrun the weak, and trample nature. We have no right to any of these things if one person has to die in their procurement.
    We’ve lost our way on that long and winding path towards social justice and social responsibility. We’ve let these endeavors be sullied in the mouths of infidels allowing us to forget that what we enjoy today is the result of the labors of many who have gone before us.
    When we have social responsibility our communities will be safe and this safety mushrooms out to cover the nation and the world in short order.
    Connect with one another – spread the work and the word.


  8. I must admit that I do not know very much at all about nuclear energy. I can only form an opinion by what I actually see and hear…
    Is it safe? at the moment I do not think so, taking into account what happened in Japan and is still happening, nobody really knows what the final consequences will be or just how much damage has been done; not just to the people of Japan but to the surrounding area and the sea.
    Similarly in Russia there was Chernoble, ….look at how many years have passed since that ‘accident’ yet still the land is useless, and people who lost their homes are still not allowed back.
    If nuclear power could ever be 100% safe then yes there is a great future but as far as I can see, there is always the ever present risk. So I would rather not have nuclear power


  9. Whoo, nuclear! It is a future if we can manage it well, understand them well, and aware yet alert for the danger it can brings to us. Otherwise, it will only bring the new disaster. Yes, Japan defines how I think about nuclear power, but not forever of course. It’s not the time to continue to nuclear project, it’s time to QUIT and back to the drawing board to explore and explore more about it, create new best system, and prepare anything else get to be done before we use it again.

    I have posted my opinion here :


  10. With the catastrophies that already happened twice, I believe nuclear energy is more of a menace than the future. The trouble with nuclear energy is that when a natural disaster happens which is beyond human control, it becomes quite dangerous to human beings. We are not sure how long will the existing nuclear power plants will be safe and without any accident as these facilities are operated by human beings who are also not perfect all the time. Besides, once a sizable nuclear energy facility is activated, shutting it down incase of emergency has complex requirements and is usually difficult and entails danger to people around particularly those proximate to the reactor. So why go for nuclear energy when there are viable alternatives available.