Your phone, laptop and i-pad are dead. Can you make it through an entire day?

Topic #100:

Your phone, laptop, tab, ipad and desktop are dead. Will you make it through a normal working day and evening? What would you miss the most?

Thanks to Robert at GroovyPost for the topic suggestion.

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  1. Work related depends. Basically we human are so creative that times like that could forced us to enjoy simple joys or go back to old school wit 🙂


  2. I’d probably make it, and be the happiest person ever. I don’t have fancy gadgets, but I use them like everybody; but everytime I forget to charge my phone, or leave it somewhere I get a feeling of freedom that I just LOVE. At first it’s like “Oh, damn!, I forgot my phone! What about the 093482984 calls I need to make and texts and blablabla!” And then I go “oh yeah, I have a great excuse now and f*** the rest!
    Sorry, I’m lazy, I know!


  3. Saudações,
    eu não tenho phone, eu tenho um not book vaio,
    minha vontade e ter o word 2010, mas eu perdi o
    codigo . meus testos não estão bem formatados.

    como procedo.


  4. Honestly, NOTHING. Ill take it as a blessing. Some time for meditation, soul searching and doing some quality reading.


  5. Sure. Laptop is on life support now and lets me in when it wants to. 🙂 Blackberry is Crackberry though it usually works. Don’t have iPad. So sometimes I turn my phone to silent and listen to some smooth jazz, watch a movie, go for a walk. Love technology but know how to step away now and then.


  6. I would go on a rampage similar to Michael Douglas in Falling Down. I kid. I love camping and deployments to locations without power. In Haiti I didn’t have lights at night, hot showers or regular meals. The thing I missed the most was music until the evening.

    At night the church choirs would practice. I’d sit on the roof listening to words I didn’t understand under the brilliant Milky Way as the warm wind whispered through the palm trees. It was enough to make a person forget what happened during the days.


  7. Scott, add this question to the queue for this upcoming week.

    “Donators, let’s get this conversation started! If you’ve already donated, please leave a message about why you did and what your favorite song(s) are so far.”

    Referring to

    Post a Day for a great cause!


  8. If I HAD to then I would.. but it would not be my choice.
    Mobile phones could go first as I have always considered them to be the most irritating piece of modern equipment that has ever been devised.It seems to me that nobody can go anywhere without being attached to the umbilical mobile phone. In years to come these will be come permanently attached to the body from birth, nasty horrible things.
    I will say in their defence that in times of emergency they have had their use, and that is where they should stay.. not normal everyday usage

    An Ipad I do not have so YES I can easily do without that. No problem!

    But my laptop… well.. if my life depended on it, not being available to use ,then YES I could do without it BUT and that is a BIG BUT, my life would be on standstill..Nothing would be happening. I need my laptop to communicate with the world outside this little village that I live in.
    24 hr stoppage I could cope with that but not much longer ,


  9. Yep!

    I’d do just what I did before the tech-craze. I live in far out in the country so I get no cell reception anyway. And, I am old enough to remember the pen and legal tablet when I need to satisfy my writing urges.

    I don’t believe one should be proud of being hostage to technology.


  10. Oh wow I think I would do what I do when away from home with no wifi, I would grab my paper pad and pen and write down thoughts etc ready to blog up when home again, this il pretty much be doing when we visit Dublin at the end of the month.


  11. no! Kill me, kill me now. I’m so used to typing I get writer’s cramp in my hands just handwriting a short note – I am not kidding. Plus I work online, so there would go my income.