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One of the goals here is to help show off the great posts and ideas you guys have.  Previously we created the regularly updated and purely awesome highlights page for the tags #postaday2011 and #postaweek2011, which you can see by clicking on either of those links.

But now we’ve added a smaller, slicker version of these highlights of your work to the sidebar here on dailypost (Just look over to the right).   This means on any given day if you don’t like our topic, go check out one of our other participating blogs. You might like what you find.

We’re thinking of other ways to highlight your work  – if you have ideas, leave a comment.

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  1. I have to say I’m VERY impressed with WordPress. I only joined last autumn after being discouraged with the technical and aesthetic quality of other blogging platforms. I didn’t expect WordPress to be any better. I joined Postaday and knew if I achieved three a week I’d be achieving ‘best ever’. The camaraderie and the buzz is fantastic. I’m writing as often as I want to and really ENJOYING it and IMPROVING my writing skills, which for me is the main thing.



  2. It would be kinda cool to have a page for weekly photo challenges like you have for #postaday/#postaweek 🙂 It would be neat to see everyone’s different interpretation of the assignment all on one page.


  3. Enjoying the challenge and it helps me think. Only a few people actually post on topic and that within the rules. However, I like having to figure out how to blend my knowledge about staying strong, with the topic of the day. Soooooo. I would like to see the others who post on topic. There are just too many other non-topic posts and although I try to read a few a day, I would really like to concentrate on topic posts. Can that be arranged somehow?

    Thank you again for a very useful challenge.


  4. The suggested topics aren’t rules, as I understand it. They are just – suggestions. I would not be interested in writing to any themes except my own. That way, I hope I will find and attract like-minded WordPressers. If I have misunderstood, then I will need to bow out of the programme.


  5. I’m curious if the sidebar feed will contain only posts from those participating through Or will it also include the many blogger participants using (For anyone that may not know the difference; those are the bloggers running WordPress software on a self-hosted account.)

    I know there was talk early on of trying to find a way to include the .org bloggers in listings, etc. at some point, but I never heard if anything came of that. So I’m curious.
    Thanks in advance!