Everyone gets a pass for today had some server issues earlier today, which made it impossible to post or even draft posts for some time.

As a result, everyone participating in Post A Day can take a deep breath. Simply do a make-up post tomorrow, or if it’s not too late now, get your post up today.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want details on what happened, or to get real time updates on status, follow @wordpressdotcom on twitter, or make sure to follow @postaday, as we try to retweet their updates.

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  1. Thank you for your kind updates and support. I appreciate it that amidst it all you still took time to answer support requests.
    And… Has it really been Matt’s fault? 😛


  2. The wordpress gods must smile on me. I have yet to experience an outage. Whew! Glad to hear everything is back up and running again. I love my lil blog! I’d miss it if it was gone. Hope everyone else is fairing okay.


  3. Thanks for this information. Ya, I experienced it. A few “whoops!” and “goshdarnit!” error pages frequently appeared. Wish everything goes on the right track over there… Keep up with good works..


  4. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the pass. Never experienced an outage before — was really weird not being able to read my subscriptions or get to my dashboard. Glad we’re now reconnected.
    So what do we who posted before get????


  5. Being at an event all day, I didn’t even notice any issues! Thanks for the updates, and the tremendously diligent effort which you have put forth.
    I’m certain there is quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work which goes unaccredited to the WordPress staff, and unnoticed by bloggers – to which I commend everyone who has worked so hard to keep WordPress in top-notch shape. It’s most appreciated!


  6. Good for my timezone. Already posted my post for yesterday (March 22). Now it’s March 23, 1.57am local. Is the problem solved?


  7. I usually have posts already in the “schedule” so haven’t had troubles with it getting published at all…’s a good tip for stress avoidance if WP is having a wee glitch or if your computer or server etc is.

    Hope it’s fixed now 🙂


  8. Thanks for the update. I was a bit concerned when I saw the error message, however my mood was lifted when I saw a second error message when I tried to log in and it said something like: “It’s probably Matts fault.”

    I liked that. Ok, I was worried but that personal touch made me smile. 🙂