Write about the biggest secret you failed to keep

Topic #77:

Write about the biggest secret you failed to keep

Bonus: If you don’t want to write the secret itself, why do you think you failed to keep it? Do you know anyone that could have kept it? Have you learned more about yourself such that you are strong enough now to keep a similiar secret?

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  1. LOL @sanstorm 😀 wow, talk about a trick question or loaded gun…
    I am so trust-worthy, but interesting, I find myself wanting to blab about it allasudden GAH! must have chocolate and stay strong!!!

    naaa, I won’t go there 😛


  2. I will pass on this topic because I don’t have no answer about failing to keep a freakin’ secret.


  3. I haven’t revealed secrets others shared with me but I wrote on heart disease and how women often keep mum about it even when it touches home. I wouldn’t divulge information others shared with me in confidence… just my thing! 🙂


  4. How am I expected to disclose a secret that I have kept for this long? I think I will try to stay mute forthe time being until such a time that I will feel confortable to disclose the secret to my lord aaahhhhh.